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Description:  RS-232 (DF1) Communication and RS-232 Printer/Download Port

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2711-T10C16 Product Details

The Allen-Bradley 2711-T10C16 terminal is an operator terminal that is part of the 2711 product line. It can communicate with and connect to other devices or to a mechanical system through its 2 RS-232 ports. One port is the DF1 port and the other is the Printer Port. The 2711-T10C16 terminal is a PanelView 1000 color terminal with clear color graphics. The graphics are displayed on a 10.1-inch screen. It is operated with a touchscreen.

The Allen-Bradley 2711-T10C16 PanelView 1000 terminal is protected by a durable NEMA Type 12/13 or 4X enclosure, that makes it suitable for operation in most industrial environments. Its input power ranges from 85 to 264 Volts AC. The color touchscreen terminal can store data, files, applications, and more information in its 256 KB of memory. Its 2711-ND3 PanelBuilder 32 software, along with the color graphics and touchscreen, makes the 2711-T10C16 PanelView 1000 color terminal easy to use. The touchscreen has several digital keys that each take up at least one cell out of a total of 384 cells. These cells are arranged in 24 columns by 16 rows.

The 2711-T10C16’s screen has a backlight that can be replaced. The replacement backlight’s serial number is 2711-NL7. Other lights that the PanelView terminal has are 2 LED status indicators. The red one is for indicating if there is a problem or error, and the green one is for indicating if the terminal is powered on and running properly. The 2711-T10C16 also has reset button on the back in case the terminal needs to be reset or restarted.

Technical specifications:
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:2711-T10C16
Product Line:Panelview 1000
Display Size:10.1 in.
Display Color:Multi-Color
Input Type:Touchscreen
Communication:DF1 (RS-232) and Printer (RS-232) Port
Input Power:85-264 Volts Alternating Current
Memory:256 Kilobytes
Software:2711-ND3 PanelBuilder 32
Enclosure Type:NEMA Type 12/13 or 4X

Question: Is the internal backlight replaceable?

Answer: Yes, the internal backlight of 2711-T10C16 is replaceable. The replacement part number is 2711-NL7.


Question: What indicators does 2711-T10C16 have?

Answer: 2711-T10C16 has two LED indicators: one red FAULT status indicator and one green COMM status indicator.


Question: How much memory does the 2711-T10C16 have?

Answer: The 2711-T10C16 has 256 KB of memory.


Question: Does the 2711-T10C16 have an enclosure?

Answer: Yes, the 2711-T10C16 has a NEMA Type 12/13 or 4X enclosure.


Question: What type of input does the 2711-T10C16 have?

Answer: The 2711-T10C16 has a touchscreen for input.


Question: What is the price of 2711-T10C16?

Answer: Submit a quote request, send us an email, or call 800-730-0292 for our best price.

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