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Panelview 1200 Keypad Terminal with an Amber Display

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2711-KA1 Product Details

The 2711-KA1 terminal is an Allen-Bradley terminal that belongs to the Allen-Bradley PanelView 1200 series of display terminals. It is designed for effective communication between the users and their machines. The 2711-KA1 display terminal features a sharp 12-inch amber CRT display with 24 rows x 80 columns of normal-sized characters for text display. This keypad terminal is made of a black anodized sheet of aluminum with a hard coating made of scratch-resistant polyester, the keys are sealed with a stainless-steel dome membrane, and the screen is made of clear, waterproof, and chemically-strengthened glass.

The 2711-KA1 PanelView 1200 display terminal weighs 25 pounds, 10 ounces and it measures 19 x 14 x 12 inches. It has remote I/O and an RS-232 port for communication, with a remote I/O baud rate of 57.6-230.4 Kilobaud and an RS-232 baud rate of 300-19.2 Kilobaud. The 2711-KA1 terminal runs on 90 to 264 Volts AC voltage at 47 to 63 Hertz, a dissipation rate of 80 W, and at a temperature range between 32 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be stored at a temperature range between -40 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit and it can withstand an operating shock of 15 G (peak acceleration) or a non-operating shock of 30 G (peak acceleration.) The 2711-KA1 terminal stores data in its Flash memory that enables the users to upgrade the firmware without opening the logic board drawer. The standard memory can expand to 128 KB. To transfer an application serially, use an RS-232 serial cable for uploading and downloading and for connecting a personal computer to the 2711-KA1 terminal.

Technical specifications:
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:2711-KA1
Product Line:Panelview 1200
Display Size:10.1 inches
Display Color:Amber
Communication:Remote I/O
Input Power:90 to 130 Volts AC
Input Type:Keypad
Enclosure Type:NEMA 4X
Software:PanelBuilder (Configuration and Development)
Type Lead Time Price Action
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Our highly skilled technicians can repair your 2711-KA1. All of our repairs come with a 1 Year DO Supply Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process.

Common misspellings: 2711-KA1X