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Description:  The Allen-Bradley 1400ELTC15 panel is a color graphics operator panel from the Allen-Bradley Panelview series of operator panels. It runs on 50 to 60 Hertz of frequency and 115 to 230 Volts AC of input voltage and its screen is anti-glare.


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About 1400ELTC15

The Allen-Bradley 1400ELTC15 is a color operator panel from the Allen-Bradley PanelView operator panel series. This monitor has a color touchscreen that is analog resistive, and it is also stud-mountable and it supports the ControlNet protocol. The Allen-Bradley 1400ELTC15 has an anti-glare 14-inch monitor. On the back side of the device, the users will need to connect 115 Volts AC (60 Hertz) or 230 Volts AC (50 Hertz) of power to the device for it to operate. In the case of any failures, the monitor changes the state of its output alarm relay, which is also available on the back side of the module. It is designed to trigger a remote alarm or activate a warning light or sound under predefined conditions. It will also move the mode-selecting switch in the central back part of the device.

The 1400ELTC15 is used to tell the monitor to operate in the Configure mode or the Run mode. The first one lets the users set up the panel, and in the Run mode, the application file is executed. The alternative to using this hardware switch is to use the software mode switch which is available on the terminal configuration screen. All the users need to do is turn this software option on or off. The 1400ELTC15 terminal will communicate with the PLC only if the terminal is in the Run mode. The Configure mode is also used to adjust the terminal display intensity. To upload and download an application to the 1400ELTC15 HMI, use the RS-232 port and connect the RS-232 serial cable to it. The users can order these cables with different lengths as spare parts.

Technical specifications:

Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:1400ELTC15
Frequency:50 to 60 Hertz
Voltage :115 to 230 Volts AC
Modes:Configure and Run
Cable:RS-232 Serial
Monitor:14-inch anti-glare
Mode-selecting Switch:Yes
Output Alarm Relay:Yes
Operator Panel:Color Graphics


Question: Does the 1400ELTC15 have color graphics?

Answer: Yes, the 1400ELTC15 has color graphics.


Question: What kind of input does the 1400ELTC15 have?

Answer: The 1400ELTC15 has a touchscreen for input.


Question: What is the 1400ELTC15's frequency range?

Answer: The 1400ELTC15's frequency range is 50 to 60 Hertz.


Question: What is the 1400ELTC15's voltage range?

Answer: The 1400ELTC15's voltage range is 115 to 230 Volts AC.


Question: What are the 1400ELTC15's operating modes?

Answer: The 1400ELTC15's operating modes are the Run mode and the Configure mode.


Question: What communication ports does the 1400ELTC15 have?

Answer: The 1400ELTC15 has an RS-232 communication port.

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