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Description:  The Allen-Bradley 1400ELTC6 is a Panelview 1400E Operator Interface device with a 14-inch color display. It can be stud mounted, it is protected by a NEMA 4X enclosure, and its input type is an analog resistive touchscreen.


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1400ELTC6 Product Details

The 1400ELTC6 is a 14-inch touch PanelView 1400E operator terminal. This human-machine interface (HMI) is a great solution for creating a graphical interface that allows the operators to interact with machines controlled by PLCs. It is the PLC that gathers information from the sensors and transforms it into data that can be transferred to the HMI in readable form, so the users will be able to act over the 1400ELTC6 terminal to control the process. The touchscreen is analog-resistive and it has an actuation rating of 1,000,000 presses. The users can connect a keyboard or a barcode reader to this device over a dedicated connector. There is a PCMCIA card slot available on the lower back side of the terminal. It is used to insert memory cards which the users can use to backup programs and expand memory. When the users turn off the terminal, its memory will be retained because it is backed up with a battery. The battery can hold the data unchanged for 2.5 to 7.7 years, but the exact length of time is dependent on the ambient temperature.

The Allen-Bradley 1400ELTC6 has an auto-select switching power supply function. The users can supply it with 90 to 132 Volts AC voltage with 60 Hertz frequency, or with 80 to 264 Volts AC voltages with 50 Hertz frequency. The 1400ELTC6 touchscreen terminal has a NEMA 4x rated housing that has dimensions of 19.00 inches x 13.97 inches x 16.71 inches (483 millimeters x 355 millimeters x 425 millimeters). The device can operate without problems at temperatures between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius (32 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit). The terminal weight is approximated at 32.6 pounds (14.8 kilograms).

Technical specifications:
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:1400ELTC6
Series:Panelview 1400E
Display Type:Color
Display Size:14-inch Display Screen
Communication Type: DH+/Remote I/O Communications
Mounting Style:Stud Mount
Enclosure Type:NEMA 4X (indoor use only)
Input Type:Analog Resistive Touch Screen
Actuation Rating:1,000,000 Presses
Bezel:Cast Aluminum with Black Powder Coating
Operating Temperature Range:32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit
Dimensions:19.00 inches x 13.97 inches x 16.71 inches

Question: What kind of display does the 1400ELTC6 have?

Answer: The 1400ELTC6 has a color display.


Question: What kind of enclosure does the 1400ELTC6 have?

Answer: The 1400ELTC6 has a NEMA 4X enclosure.


Question: Does the 1400ELTC6 have a memory card slot?

Answer: Yes, the 1400ELTC6 has a PCMCIA card slot.


Question: Is the 1400ELTC6's memory battery-backed?

Answer: Yes, the 1400ELTC6 has a battery-backed memory.


Question: Does the 1400ELTC6 have a touchscreen?

Answer: Yes, the 1400ELTC6 has a touchscreen.


Question: What's the 1400ELTC6's ambient operating temperature range?

Answer: The 1400ELTC6's ambient operating temperature range is 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Our highly skilled technicians can repair your 1400ELTC6. All of our repairs come with a 1 Year DO Supply Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process.

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