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Description:  RS-232 (DH-485) Communication Port

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2711-T9A5 Product Details

The Allen-Bradley 2711-T9A5 is a terminal that creates an interface between the machines and the human users. This terminal belongs to the discontinued PanelView 900 series. The display is a monochrome touch screen with a diagonal length is 9 in. The 2711-T9A5, also known as a human-machine interface or HMI, uses PanelBuilder 32 software to connect to a network with a DH-485 protocol controlled by the RS-232 port of 2711-NC13 printer and cable communication. The terminal’s touch screen contains a keypad for entering values, and the backlight is replaceable.  A 120-volt AC unit powers the system. The internal memory can store up to 1 MB of data. The firmware ranges between 1.00 and 4.48. The terminal weighs 8 pounds (3.6 kilograms) and has a length of 16 inches (40 centimeters), a width of 14 inches (35 centimeters), and a depth of 8 inches (20 centimeters). The DH-485 protocol enables point-to-point communication in a network with either a MicroLogix or an SLC 500 controller. If more than one processor is present, then the processors will communicate with each other using the system communicator. A programmable port enables file upload or download from the DH-485 network, but the exchange of files cannot take place without the Panelbuilder 32 software, or without an external memory card.

Technical specifications:
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:2711-T9A5
Product Line:Panelview 900
Display Size:9 in.
Display Color:Monochrome
Input Type:Touchscreen
Communication:DH-485 and RS-232 Printer
Input Power:120 VAC
Software:Panelbuilder 32
Memory:1008K bytes
Communication Cable:2711-NC13
Shipping Weight:8 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions:16 x 14 x 8 in
Series :A, B, C, D, E, F

The PanelView Standard operator terminals have multiple models: the 300, 550, 600, 900, 1000, and 1400. The PanelViews are Top Rated Electronic Operator Terminals engineered to suit your needs. The Panelviews have high performance flat panel designs or 14-inch CRTs. These electronic human interfaces feature excellent graphics capabilities. They have high performance functionality in color, gray scale and monochrome displays. The PanelView Standard family offers you rugged electronic human interface solutions. There are many different sizes and configurations to meet your specific requirements. This PanelView Standard class of operator interfaces offers you Flexible Communications and Controller Connectivity. There are several communication options such as Allen-Bradley’s MicroLogix, SLC 500, PLC, and ControlLogix, and other PLC manufacturers. HMI is the acronym for Human Machine Interface, which is an interface between the user and the machine. It provides a graphics-based visualization of an industrial control and monitoring system. It also provides a visual representation of a control system and provides real time data acquisition. A HMI can increase productivity by having a centralized control center that is user-friendly.

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We can Repair your Panelview 900

We have a team of highly trained technicians that can repair your panelview quickly at a great low price. To get a repair quote call 1-800-730-0292 or email sales@dosupply.com. Some of the benefits of our repair process includes:

Repair Turnaround of 3-5 Days for Most Panelviews

  • Rush Repairs of 1-3 Days
  • Fast Return of Your Repair via UPS, FedEx, or DHL.
  • If the item is not repairable, you can choose to have it returned to you free of charge or it can be counted as an exchange credit toward a refurbished or new unit if available.
  • Wide range of repairs that can be completed by our highly skilled technicians as shown below.
  • RepairCapabilities:

    Auto Verification and Self-Test Failures


    • Error 1 STATIC RAM test
    • Error 2 Terminal searching for a file to download.
    • Error 10 Erase boot flash area.
    • Error 11 Copy boot code
    • Error 12 Boot code copy successful
    • Error 13 Boot code copy failed. Check for error after boot code is copied to the onboard flash EPROM.
    • Error 20 Erase firmware from flash EPROM
    • Error 21 Copy firmware to firmware flash memory
    • Error 22 Firmware copy successful
    • Error 23 Firmware copy failed
    • Error 24 Performed CRC base firmware check
    • Error 25 Firmware not compatible with boot code
    • Error 26 Firmware not compatible with hardware
    • Error 30 Watchdog test
    • Error 31 Stuck key test
    • Error 32 Real time clock test
    • Error 33 LCD RAM failed
    • Error 34 Performed CRC extended firmware check
    • Error 40 No executable code to run after boot
    • Error 50 Wrong memory card format
    • Error 60 CPU could not execute code

    We Can Repair Your Hardware failures including:

    • Communication Hardware Faults (Ethernet/IP, DH-485, DH+, ControlNet, and RS-232)
    • Broken Toushcreen/Keypads
    • Broken Glass
    • Displays (Dead/Dim/Lines/Missing Pixels)
    • Dead Backlights
    • Broken Housing/Bezel
    • Power Board Failures
Revision Part #
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5A
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5B
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5C
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5D
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5E
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5F
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 1.00
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 1.03
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 1.07
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 2.00
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 2.01
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 2.02
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 2.03
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 3.00
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 3.01
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 3.02
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 3.03
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 3.13
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 3.15
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 3.30
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 3.40
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 4.00
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 4.10
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 4.20
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 4.41
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 4.46
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5FRN 4.48
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5G
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5H
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5I
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5J
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5K
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5L
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5L1
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5L2
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Rev A
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Rev B
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Rev C
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Rev D
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Rev E
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Rev F
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Rev G
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Rev H
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Rev I
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Rev J
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Rev K
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Rev L
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Ser A
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Ser B
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Ser C
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Ser D
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Ser E
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Ser F
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Ser G
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5Ser H
2711-T9A5 | 2711T9A5X
2711-T9A5 | Ser A
2711-T9A5 | Ser B
2711-T9A5 | Ser C
2711-T9A5 | Ser D
2711-T9A5 | Ser E
2711-T9A5 | Ser F

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