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Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1000 with 32 Points and 100-240 VAC line power.

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About 1761-L32BWA

The 1761-L32BWA is a Programmable controller manufactured by Allen Bradley, a division of Rockwell Automation. The 1761-L32BWA is classified under the MicroLogix 1000 series and supports configuration as either sinking or sourcing. The 1761-L32BWA also supports mounting using the DIN rail with an alternative for mounting screws. The 1761-L32BWA features up to 20 input points and has 12 relay output points built with an AC Power Supply. The Allen Bradley programmable controller features a small and economic design. The unit measures only 7.87 x 2.87 x 3.15 inches and comes with several benefits to the user. For connection to the peer-to-peer network, the 1761-L32BWA supports an RS-232 port. It also comes with a DeviceNet Interface that is quick, cheap, and reliable to use. This ensures that the 1761-L32BWA can be quickly installed and deployed for use within a short period of time.

The 1761-L32BWA is an affordable controller small enough to fit into tight spaces and is a powerful module with the ability to accommodate several application types. The 1761-L32BWA has the ability to expand as the user’s needs continue to change. It helps the user to achieve high-level control in different applications. The MicroLogix 1000 controllers come with different advantages. These controllers feature a preconfigured 1KB program with data memory that eases the configuration process. The unit also supports fast processing, allowing for a typical throughput time of about 1.5 milliseconds for the 5000-instruction programs. The 1761-L32BWA features a built-in EEPROM memory that has the ability to retain all of the user’s ladder logic and data in case the controller loses power or eliminates the need for a battery backup or a separate memory module. Through the RS-232 communication channel that is provided on the module, the 1761-L32BWA supports simple connectivity to a PC. This allows the user to perform program uploading and downloading and supports monitoring with multiple protocols.

Technical specifications:

Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:1761-L32BWA
Controller:MicroLogix 1000
I/O Count:32 points
Input Type:24 Volts DC
Output Type:Relay
Power Supply:120 to 240 Volts AC
Safety Feature:Master Control Relay
Digital Outputs:12 Contact Outputs
Isolation Voltage:1500 Volts DC
Communication:RS-232 Port
Memory:1 K Words EEPROM
Mounting:DIN Rail/mounting screws


Question: Can the 1761-L32BWA be configured for sinking or sourcing?

Answer: Yes, the 1761-L32BWA can be configured as either sinking or sourcing. See your manual or installation instructions for more details on how to configure your controller. 


Question: What are the mounting options for the 1761-L32BWA?

Answer: You can mount your 1761-L32BWA using either a DIN rail or mounting screws. 


Question: Can this module be purchased with a warranty?

Answer: Yes, the 1761-L32BWA comes with a free one-year warranty from DO Supply, Inc.


Question: Where can I send the 1761-L32BWA to be repaired?

Answer: DO Supply, Inc. offers a variety of repair services for the 1761-L32BWA.

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Repair Service 2-4 weeks AskGet Quote

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your 1761-L32BWA. All of our repairs come with a 1 Year DO Supply Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process.

Please refer to the manual for more information about the 1761-L32BWA such as the wiring diagrams, data sheets, firmware information and migration or obsolescence details.

Revision Part # Also Known as Availability
1761-L32BWA Ser A
1761-L32BWA/A, Series A, Rev A Request Quote
1761-L32BWA Ser B
1761-L32BWA/B, Series B, Rev B Request Quote
1761-L32BWA Ser C
1761-L32BWA/C, Series C, Rev C Request Quote
1761-L32BWA Ser D
1761-L32BWA/D, Series D, Rev D Request Quote
1761-L32BWA Ser E
1761-L32BWA/E, Series E, Rev E Request Quote

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