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1746-NI8 Ser A, Series A, Rev A

Description:  The Allen-Bradley 1746-NI8 is a SLC 500 Analog I/O Module. This Analog I/O Module has Eight (8) non-isolated differential, voltage or current selectable input channels. This module occupies single slot of the SLC 500 chassis and compatible with fixed or modular style hardware.

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About 1746-NI8/A

The 1746-NI8 Series A high-resolution analog input module is a high-density analog input module by Allen-Bradley designed to provide high accuracy and fast analog signal conversion. This single-slot module is capable of sensing any combination of up to 8 voltage or current inputs, and it can fit into any of the fixed Allen-Bradley SLC 500 or Modular SLC processors except slot 0. The 1746-NI8 Series A module comes with a removable terminal block that provides direct connection to 8 analog input channels, which can be configured for analog current and voltage input signals. This module’s 8 channels can be wired for either differential or single-ended inputs, and it has an onboard DIP switch that allows the operators to select either the voltage or current input. The 1746-NI8 Series A module has a maximum isolated backplane current draw of 100 milliAmps at 24 Volts DC and maximum power consumption of 3.4 Watts.

The 1746-NI8 Series A module supports both the successive approximation and switched capacitor analog-to-digital (ADC) conversion methods. These analog-to-digital converters help the module read analog input signals and then convert them to digital values. The 1746-NI8 Series A module has input filtering capability on each input channel to reject high frequency, and it is capable of performing auto-calibration on all the available (enabled) input channels. It has self-diagnostic features that alert the operators to faults upon start-up or normal channel operation, and it comes with front-panel LED indicators that show the module’s status. The 1746-NI8 Series A module supports both Class 1 (8 input and 8 output word use) and Class 3 (16 input and 12 output word use) setups. The 1746-NI8 Series A module has a 0 to 55 degrees Celsius operating temperature range, and it is UL, CSA, and CE certified.

Technical specifications:
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:1746-NI8
Series:SLC 500
Module Type:Analog I/O Module
Backplane Current (5 Volts):200 milliamps
Backplane Current (24 Volts DC):100 milliamps
Input signal Category:-20 to +20 mA (or) -10 to +10V dc
Bandwidth:1-75 Hertz
Input Filter Frequencies:1 Hz, 2 Hz, 5 Hz, 10 Hz, 20 Hz, 50 Hz, 75 Hz
Update Time:6 milliseconds
Chassis location:Any I/O module slot except slot 0
Resolution:16 bits
Backplane Current:(5 Volts) 200 mA;(24 Volts DC) 100 mA
Step Response:0.75-730 milliseconds
Conversion type:Successive approximation, switched capacitor
Applications:Combination 120 Volts AC I/O
Input Types, Voltage:10V dc 1-5V dc 0-5V dc 0-10V dc
Backplane Power Consumption:14 Watts Maximum
Input Type, Current:0-20 mA 4-20 mA 20 mA 0-1 mA
Input Impedance:250 Ohms
Data Format:Engineering Units Scaled for PID Proportional Counts (-32,768 to +32,767 range), Proportional Counts (User Defined Range, Class 3 only). 1746-NI4 Data Form
LED Indicators:9 green status indicators one for each of 8 channels and one for module status
Thermal Dissipation:3.4 Watts
Wire Size:14 AWG