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MicroView series Message Display with 2 line, 16 character VFD and 24V DC input power with 50-screen memory.

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2707-MVP232 Product Details

The Allen-Bradley 2707-MVP232 is a MicroView series operator interface message display for MicroLogix processors that is panel mounted. It features a 0.58 x 2.35 inch display with yellow-green LED backlight that can show 2 lines of text with 16 characters per line. It uses a keypad input and the input type used on this display is ASCII. This display comes with a 50-screen memory, 11 to 25 Volts DC input power, and RS-232 communication ports that can interface the module to a MicroLogix controller, or any PLC that supports the DF1 communication protocol and RS-232 port.The RS-232 serial port is also used to connect the MicroView 2707-MVP232 to any personal computer, so a user can download “Application Screens” or even upgrade the MicroView operating system. An enclosure is not required when using the 2707-MVP232 display.

The Allen Bradley MicroView 2707-MVP232 contains a nonvolatile memory that is used to store OS, Configurations Information and up to 50 user programmable application screens. The unit's MicroView loaded software application is logically and visually divided into “Application Screens", Five types of screens can be displayed with MicroView (i.e Menu and Sub-Menu Screens, Data Entry Screens, Data Display Screens, Security Screens, Recipe Screens), they allow the operator to either navigate/monitor/input data, also Security screens are used to limit access to any part of an application, The Recipe screens are used to give the ability of modifying multiple controller addresses at the same time.

Technical specifications:
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:2707-MVP232
Product Line:MicroView
Display Size:0.58 x 2.35
Display Color:LCD (Yellow-green LED backlight)
Input Type:ASCII
Input Power:11-25 V DC
Software:MicroView 2707-NP
Enclosure Type:Not required
Line Count:2
Character Count:16

The MicroView is ideal for monitoring and controlling process data on the factory and warehouse floor. The MicroView has an RS-232 communications port which enables it to interface with a MicroLogix controlleras well as an IBM� compatible personal computer. The operating system, configuration information, and user-programmed screens are stored in nonvolatile memory that allows up to 50 screens. Two functions keys make for flexible function key operations when triggering and adjusting screen displays. Recipe type functions allow for easy revision of blocks of data. For each screen, data can be downloaded to 10 non-sequential register addresses. Screens can be linked together in order to increase the number of available addresses.

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Common misspellings: 27O7-MVP232