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Description:  Panelview 1200 Touchscreen Terminal with a Color display, clip mount, and NEMA 12

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2711-TC1 Product Details

The 2711-TC1 is a part of Allen-Bradley PanelView 1200 Human Machine Interface series which is designed for effective communication with machines. The information or data is entered through the Touchscreen keypad. The 2711-TC1 module connects to systems through the remote I/O communication. The users can also store information, data files, and more in the RAM. The terminal uses an input power of 90-130V AC and comes with two software packages: Panel-Builder Development and PanelBuilder configuration. 
The 2711-TC1 module is a PanelView 1200 clip-mount operator terminal with a 12-inch display size and a 16-Color CRT. The interface comes with the user configurable 64 KB battery-backed RAM which can be upgraded to 128 KB. The 2711-TC1’s display format includes 24 rows x 80 columns (normal size characters) while the touchscreen format includes a matrix of 120 touch cells (10 across by 12 high). The communication process includes a remote I/O and an RS-232 port. The module uses 90-264V AC at 47-63 Hz and has a NEMA 12 enclosure type. The 2711-TC1 includes PanelBuilder32 software for development and configuration. 
The RS-232 port can either be connected to the development system and used to upload and download application files or it can connect to a printer and print screen images, reports, or alarm messages. You can assign separate port settings for each of these purposes. The 2711-TC1 provides easy, fast, and low-cost interface operations for the PLC systems. There is a total display of eight colors at a time out of total 16 choices. The RAM is backed by the 2711-TC1 terminal's internal battery to update and maintain the application status and file even when the AC power is turned off. 

Technical specifications:
Manufacturer:Rockwell Automation
Part Number/Catalog No.:2711-TC1
Product Line:Panelview 1200
Display Size:10.1 in.
Display Color:Color
Communication:Remote I/O
Input Power:90-130 Volts Alternating Current
Input Type:Touchscreen
Enclosure Type:NEMA 12
Software:PanelBuilder (Configuration and Development)
Type Lead Time Price Action
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Common misspellings: 2711-TC1X