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Description:  Allen Bradley PanelView Component C400 Terminal has a 4 in Color (TFT) Display and Ethernet, USB, and RS-232 Ports.

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About 2711C-T4T

The 2711C-T4T is part of the Allen-Bradley Panelview series. The 2711C-T4T is one of the components of the PanelView Component C400 Terminals used for high-end applications in Ethernet or serial communications. This device is a Color Transmissive TFT active matrix LCD that can interface with most controllers and programming ports. It is tested at 500 Volts for 60 seconds and has an actuation rating of more than 1 million presses,  a line to Ethernet, and a long operation lifespan. The 2711C-T4T operator interface comes with a  4.3-inch touchscreen display interface and can access a web browser using an Ethernet connection with a USB flash drive. The design time in C400 terminal is compatible with most operating systems, making interfacing with a PC or remote device simple. It uses a white indicator for process identification. Preferred compatible controllers are the Micro800 and SLC™. The on-terminal programming software reduces the start-up and service time by removing the need to install the software on a personal computer.

2711C-T4T uses input voltage, 24 Volts DC normal and an average power consumption of 5 Watts max. Disconnect all electrical power from the panel before making the panel cutout. C400 PanelView terminal supports Firefox 3.0 and Internet Explorer 7/8 for easy operation with a PC.  It can also alert the operators with alarm messages using different variables. You can change the language of the terminal for diagnostic messages and configuration.   Weighing approximately 0.76 pounds with a display size of 4.3" 95 x 53.86 millimeters (3.74 x 2.12 inches), the PanelView Component C400 has RS-232 (DH-485), RS-232 (DF1), RS-485, and Ethernet as the communication ports. You can view the results on the terminal without downloading the application thanks to an add-on feature that enables login credentials every time you start the terminal. 2711C-T4T has a control and visualization option for simple applications which use serial or Ethernet communication.  2711C-T4T can connect to PowerFlex 4 drives and preferred controllers include MicroLogix and Micro800 by Allen-Bradley.   The display comes with programming software that is accessible over a web-browser via a USB or Ethernet connection. 2711C-T4T allows you to design your application and alter terminal settings while simultaneously viewing the results on the connected terminal. Other 2711C-T4T features include secured programming access, alarm messages and history, unicode language switching, and recipe operations. Additionally, integrated mounting clamps and quick-lever clips ease both the installation process and maintenance of the 2711C-T4T component.

Technical specifications:

Product Line:Component Terminal
Part Number:2711C-T4T
Display Size:4 in.
Display Color:Color
Input Type:Touchscreen
Resolution:600 x 480
Power Consumption:5 Watts


Question: What is the Isolation voltage on 2711C-T4T?  

Answer: The isolation voltage on 2711C-T4T is 30V (continuous), basic insulation type.


Question: Is there isolation between all ports to line on 2711C-T4T?  

Answer: There is no isolation between all ports to line, except to Ethernet.


Question: How do I adjust the display contrast on 2711C-T4T?

Answer: The 2711C-T4T only has a display brightness control and no contrast control.


Question: What is the 2711C-T4T battery life?

Answer: The average 2711C-T4T battery life is 5 years minimum, assuming 25-degree Celsius operating temperature.

Common misspellings: 2711-T4T
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