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Description:  6 in. Color with RS232/RS485 using 12 - 30 VDC

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About IC754VBL06CTD

The IC754VBL06CTD terminal has a 6.1-inch color display and it is part of the General Electric GE QuickPanel series. The unit is powered using 12-30V DC of power. The IC754VBL06CTD is the multi-functional internet interface in industrial machines. It has the ability to integrate process control and view the options to execute tasks relying on embedded data. Relying on the stored data, this device helps to improve real-time control and interconnect all the plant systems for easy management. This device provides users with scalability and flexibility meant to grow their operational needs at lower ownership costs. With an option to expand the memory and ideal communication options, the configuration is made easy and the program can be run on different models.

The IC754VBL06CTD lets the users connect to other machines using the Proficy View-Machine Edition software. It has an RS-232 and an RS-485 communication port and it uses the HMI-CAB-CS3 communication cable. Relying on the touch screen input mechanism, the user can control the HMI and input data and information. The QuickPanel terminal gives the users an actionable information to run the machines.

The IC754VBL06CTD is built with the Microsoft Windows operating system. It features a built-in web server that makes it possible to access data and panels while using any standard browser. The terminal can connect with several devices to gather and analyze critical information. With its 32 MB internal memory, it can support all the application requirements of the system without failure. The IC754VBL06CTD has a large number of Ethernet and serial communication drives built in to increase its efficiency. Through an additional expansion card, this device can support communication over Fieldbus and vendor-specific networks.

Technical specifications:

Part Number:IC754VBL06CTD
Product Line:GE QuickPanel
Display Size:6 in.
Display Color:Color
Input Type:Touchscreen
Communication:RS232 and RS485
Input Power:12 - 30 VDC
Software:Proficy View-Machine Edition
Memory:32 MB
Communication Cable:HMI-CAB-CS3
Shipping Weight:5 lbs.
Shipping Dimension:14 x 12 x 10 in.
Our team of highly skilled technicians can repair your GE Quickpanel IC754VBL06CTD. All of our repairs come with a 1 Year warranty, please contact us for more information about our repair process.

Please refer to the manual for more information about the IC754VBL06CTD such as the wiring diagrams, data sheets, firmware information and migration or obsolescence details.

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Common misspellings: IC754VBLO6CTD
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