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Allen Bradley Drives PowerFlex 4
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We offer extensive repairs for your PowerFlex 4. We keep many spare parts in stock so that we can repair your PowerFlex 4 as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our standard repair lead time is 2-4 weeks. However, we can often repair your unit much faster if necessary. We can repair most issues with your PowerFlex 4 and if for some reason we cannot repair your unit we will do our best to offer a refurbished unit at the repair cost, so that you can get a working unit back as soon as possible!

Repair Details

Common VFD/Servo Drives Issues/Failures:

  • Control Failures
    • Dead displays
    • Local/remote port failures
    • Main control board failures
    • I/O Failures
  • Power Failures
    • Power control board failures
    • SCR/IGBT failures
    • Faulty fans
    • Heatsink sensor faults
    • DC bus failures
    • Precharge failures
    • Undervoltage
    • Overvoltage
  • Enclosures/Covers
    • Broken Plastic Covers
    • Missing Covers
    • Missing Terminals
    • Broken mounting attachments/corners


The PowerFlex 4 series is a series of adjustable frequency drives that are fully designed by Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation. This kind of equipment is used to control induction motors by modifying their frequency and voltage. The variables that can be controlled are the motor speed, torque, start, and stop. A variable-speed motor cannot operate on its own without any kind of control. When the motor is attached to an adjustable frequency drive, each change or variation is programmed and thus performed smoothly so that they will not cause any damage to the motor. These drives provide secure and safe operations.

The Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation PowerFlex 4 series adjustable frequency drives come with different voltages, and 2 of them are intended for 3-phase operations and the other 2 are intended for single-phase operations. Their Horsepower ratings will depend fully on the current that is used at a specific voltage. There are other things to consider when choosing 1 of these drives such as the enclosure and the mounting mechanisms. The Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation PowerFlex 4 series adjustable frequency drives feature a fixed keypad and although these include filters, the drives will still need to be grounded. Besides grounding the drive, it is recommended to use shielded cables and to separate the power cables from the signal cables. Another important recommendation is to install the drives as near as possible to the motors in order to avoid power loss phenomena. Drives from this series need to have proper ventilation when operating. The ambient air temperature should not surpass 40 degrees Celsius if the drives are enclosed, and it should not surpass 50 degrees Celsius when they are used with open enclosures.

Part Number Description Price Action
22A-A1P4N103PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$184.12cartAdd To Cart
22A-A1P4N113PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$199.17cartAdd To Cart
22A-A1P5F104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$293.30cartAdd To Cart
22A-A1P5H204PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$239.42cartAdd To Cart
22A-A1P5N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$213.72cartAdd To Cart
22A-A1P5N114PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$234.24cartAdd To Cart
22A-A2P1N103PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$261.78cartAdd To Cart
22A-A2P1N113PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$226.61cartAdd To Cart
22A-A2P3F104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$304.86cartAdd To Cart
22A-A2P3H204PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$250.99cartAdd To Cart
22A-A2P3N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$185.61cartAdd To Cart
22A-A2P3N114PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$250.32cartAdd To Cart
22A-A3P6N103PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$259.44cartAdd To Cart
22A-A3P6N113PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$280.10cartAdd To Cart
22A-A4P5F104PowerFlex 4 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
22A-A4P5H204PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$283.76cartAdd To Cart
22A-A4P5N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$287.37cartAdd To Cart
22A-A4P5N114PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$307.41cartAdd To Cart
22A-A6P8N103PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$263.58cartAdd To Cart
22A-A6P8N113PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$365.16cartAdd To Cart
22A-A8P0F104PowerFlex 4 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
22A-A8P0H204PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$336.52cartAdd To Cart
22A-A8P0N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$373.83cartAdd To Cart
22A-A8P0N114PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$390.88cartAdd To Cart
22A-A9P6N103PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$326.35cartAdd To Cart
22A-A9P6N113PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$448.10cartAdd To Cart
22A-B012F104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$436.85cartAdd To Cart
22A-B012H204PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$403.90cartAdd To Cart
22A-B012N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$322.62cartAdd To Cart
22A-B017F104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$463.06cartAdd To Cart
22A-B017H204PowerFlex 4 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
22A-B017N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$370.50cartAdd To Cart
22A-B1P5F104PowerFlex 4 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
22A-B1P5H204PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$236.49cartAdd To Cart
22A-B1P5N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$121.21cartAdd To Cart
22A-B2P3F104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$305.36cartAdd To Cart
22A-B2P3H204PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$246.19cartAdd To Cart
22A-B2P3N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$176.19cartAdd To Cart
22A-B4P5F104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$333.52cartAdd To Cart
22A-B4P5H204PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$266.18cartAdd To Cart
22A-B4P5N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$229.27cartAdd To Cart
22A-B8P0F104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$373.70cartAdd To Cart
22A-B8P0H204PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$369.37cartAdd To Cart
22A-B8P0N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$293.00cartAdd To Cart
22A-D1P4F104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$360.03cartAdd To Cart
22A-D1P4H204PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$326.63cartAdd To Cart
22A-D1P4N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$186.33cartAdd To Cart
22A-D2P3F104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$427.45cartAdd To Cart
22A-D2P3H204PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$409.19cartAdd To Cart
22A-D2P3N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$221.32cartAdd To Cart
22A-D4P0F104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$472.39cartAdd To Cart
22A-D4P0H204PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$426.83cartAdd To Cart
22A-D4P0N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$295.99cartAdd To Cart
22A-D6P0F104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$524.45cartAdd To Cart
22A-D6P0H204PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$503.44cartAdd To Cart
22A-D6P0N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$371.02cartAdd To Cart
22A-D8P7F104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$559.45cartAdd To Cart
22A-D8P7H204PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$536.60cartAdd To Cart
22A-D8P7N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$376.15cartAdd To Cart
22A-V1P5F104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$336.88cartAdd To Cart
22A-V1P5H204PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$276.07cartAdd To Cart
22A-V1P5N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$245.88cartAdd To Cart
22A-V2P3F104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$345.61cartAdd To Cart
22A-V2P3H204PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$315.19cartAdd To Cart
22A-V2P3N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$282.05cartAdd To Cart
22A-V4P5F104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$364.46cartAdd To Cart
22A-V4P5H204PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$314.75cartAdd To Cart
22A-V4P5N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$276.55cartAdd To Cart
22A-V6P0F104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$439.60cartAdd To Cart
22A-V6P0H204PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$410.38cartAdd To Cart
22A-V6P0N104PowerFlex 4 Repair Service$413.68cartAdd To Cart
Part Number Description Price Action
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