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Allen Bradley VersaView Computer 6155R
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We offer extensive repairs for your Computer 6155R. We keep many spare parts in stock so that we can repair your Computer 6155R as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our standard repair lead time is 2-4 weeks. However, we can often repair your unit much faster if necessary. We can repair most issues with your Computer 6155R and if for some reason we cannot repair your unit we will do our best to offer a refurbished unit at the repair cost, so that you can get a working unit back as soon as possible!

Repair Details

The 6155R computer series is an Allen-Bradley series of VersaView non-display industrial computers that are designed and adequately equipped for the control and maintenance of basic information applications. With a fanless design and a solid-state drive, the 6155R non-display computers can tolerate years of heavy use. They feature RAM of varying capacities of up to 8 GB. Additionally, they also come with a hard drive with a storage capacity range of 40 GB to 500 GB. These VersaView non-display industrial computer models are made for industrial use in large-scale control and information applications as well as small-scale visual interface and maintenance applications. They provide excellent performance in rugged environments that require machines to have tolerance for severe shocks, high temperatures, and severe vibration, thanks to the light industrial computers and monitors that are made purposely for this. The VersaView 200R, 700R, or 1400R computer models can connect with any VersaView monitor to make a complete system.

Most of the 6155R computer models run on the Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP operating systems to provide standard industrial performance. Also, these models feature standard Ethernet ports as well as serial ports. These models come with a wide range of features, and those that have rotating-media hard drives come with a recovery partition on the system drives that hold an original factory image. The 6155R computer models come with a cloning disk or system accessories for restoring the operating system from a recovery partition and create a bootable exterior recovery media and new recovery image. The 6155R computer models that have solid-state drives are tailored to handle the solid-state drive’s unique properties. Among the pre-installed customized features are functions for no paging file, emptying the DLLCACHE directory, and restoring the system to zero and disabling it.

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6155R-14P2KHComputer 6155R Repair Service$1407.14cartAdd To Cart
6155R-14PXPHComputer 6155R Repair Service$1423.25cartAdd To Cart
6155R-14S2KHComputer 6155R Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6155R-14SXPHComputer 6155R Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6155R-7P2KHComputer 6155R Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6155R-7PXPHComputer 6155R Repair Service$1407.39cartAdd To Cart
6155R-7S2KHComputer 6155R Repair Service$1161.16cartAdd To Cart
6155R-7SXPHComputer 6155R Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6155R-NPXPComputer 6155R Repair Service$1185.64cartAdd To Cart
6155R-NPXPHComputer 6155R Repair Service$2059.63cartAdd To Cart
6155R-NPXPHDCComputer 6155R Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6155R-NSXPComputer 6155R Repair Service$754.10cartAdd To Cart
6155R-NSXPHComputer 6155R Repair Service$690.99cartAdd To Cart
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