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Allen Bradley VersaView Plus 6181F
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We offer extensive repairs for your Plus 6181F. We keep many spare parts in stock so that we can repair your Plus 6181F as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our standard repair lead time is 2-4 weeks. However, we can often repair your unit much faster if necessary. We can repair most issues with your Plus 6181F and if for some reason we cannot repair your unit we will do our best to offer a refurbished unit at the repair cost, so that you can get a working unit back as soon as possible!

Repair Details

The Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation Plus 6181F series offers integrated display computers that provide control capabilities for machinery systems. The integration of Plus 6181F displays into a machine system makes any process easier to handle and the availability of different models helps to meet the requirements of different applications. The Plus 6181F computer series offers computer versions with displays with 12.1, 15, and 17-inch diagonal measurements, and there is an option for a computer that comes without a display. All featured TFT displays come in color graphics and particular models are available with a resistive touchscreen. The display bezel is made from either stainless steel or aluminum.


The Plus 6181F computers are available as standard or performance packages which determine the RAM, processor type, type of removable media, and the type of expansion slot. These industrial terminals can be delivered with the Intel Celeron/Core Duo processor and a 32 GB SSD (solid-storage drive). The SSD provides reliable storage and significant improvements to data transfer. These computers can have up to 4 GB of installed DDR2 RAM and they include DVD-RW/CD-RW media driveS. The Plus 6181F computers operate on the 32-bit Windows operating system and it supports CompactFlash memory. Besides that, these units come with 3 upgradeable half-length PCI expansion ports and a variety of external connectors. The external connectors include 1 or 2 serial ports, 2 PS/2 ports, 1 DVI-I port, 3 audio ports, 1 parallel port, 2 Ethernet ports, and 4 or 5 USB ports. The Plus 6181F computers provide 2 mounting options (panel and wall mounting) and it supports AC or DC operation. The series provides typical industrial enclosures that are fitted for indoor or outdoor usage, along with the ability to perform within temperatures of up to 55 degrees Celsius (131 degrees Fahrenheit). It should be noted that Plus 6181F display computers come without keypads. To take full advantage of all of these computers’ capabilities, the users can use the Integrated Architecture or FactoryTalk View proprietary software that the manufacturer has provided.

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6181F-12TPW7Plus 6181F Repair Service$1947cartAdd To Cart
6181F-12TPW7DCPlus 6181F Repair Service$2307cartAdd To Cart
6181F-12TPWEPlus 6181F Repair Service$1973cartAdd To Cart
6181F-12TPWEDCPlus 6181F Repair Service$2006cartAdd To Cart
6181F-12TPXPPlus 6181F Repair Service$2030cartAdd To Cart
6181F-12TPXPDCPlus 6181F Repair Service$2361cartAdd To Cart
6181f-12TPXPhPlus 6181F Repair Service$2430cartAdd To Cart
6181F-12TSWEPlus 6181F Repair Service$1620cartAdd To Cart
6181F-12TSXPPlus 6181F Repair Service$1912cartAdd To Cart
6181F-15TPW7Plus 6181F Repair Service$2236cartAdd To Cart
6181F-15TPW7DCPlus 6181F Repair Service$2442cartAdd To Cart
6181F-15TPW7SSPlus 6181F Repair Service$2116cartAdd To Cart
6181F-15TPWEPlus 6181F Repair Service$2061cartAdd To Cart
6181F-15TPWEDCPlus 6181F Repair Service$2255cartAdd To Cart
6181F-15TPWESSPlus 6181F Repair Service$2224cartAdd To Cart
6181F-15TPXPPlus 6181F Repair Service$2337cartAdd To Cart
6181F-15TPXPDCPlus 6181F Repair Service$2259cartAdd To Cart
6181f-15TPXPhPlus 6181F Repair Service$1884cartAdd To Cart
6181F-15TPXPHDCPlus 6181F Repair Service$2837cartAdd To Cart
6181f-15TPXPHSSPlus 6181F Repair Service$2350cartAdd To Cart
6181F-15TPXPSSPlus 6181F Repair Service$1584cartAdd To Cart
6181F-15TS2KHPlus 6181F Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181F-15TSWEPlus 6181F Repair Service$1803cartAdd To Cart
6181F-15TSXPPlus 6181F Repair Service$1843cartAdd To Cart
6181F-17TPW7Plus 6181F Repair Service$2390cartAdd To Cart
6181F-17TPW7DCPlus 6181F Repair Service$2329cartAdd To Cart
6181F-17TPW7SSPlus 6181F Repair Service$2465cartAdd To Cart
6181F-17TPWEPlus 6181F Repair Service$2537cartAdd To Cart
6181F-17TPWEDCPlus 6181F Repair Service$2648cartAdd To Cart
6181F-17TPWESSPlus 6181F Repair Service$2398cartAdd To Cart
6181F-17TPXPPlus 6181F Repair Service$2556cartAdd To Cart
6181F-17TPXPDCPlus 6181F Repair Service$2715cartAdd To Cart
6181f-17TPXPhPlus 6181F Repair Service$1813cartAdd To Cart
6181F-17TPXPSSPlus 6181F Repair Service$2413cartAdd To Cart
6181F-17TSWEPlus 6181F Repair Service$1853cartAdd To Cart
6181F-17TSXPPlus 6181F Repair Service$2030cartAdd To Cart
6181F-2PW7Plus 6181F Repair Service$1527cartAdd To Cart
6181F-2PW7DCPlus 6181F Repair Service$1539cartAdd To Cart
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