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Allen Bradley Panelview Panelview Plus 7
One Year DO Supply WarrantyOne Year DO Supply Warranty 
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We offer extensive repairs for your Panelview Plus 7. We keep many spare parts in stock so that we can repair your Panelview Plus 7 as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our standard repair lead time is 3-5 days. However, we can often repair your unit much faster if necessary. We can repair most issues with your Panelview Plus 7 and if for some reason we cannot repair your unit we will do our best to offer a refurbished unit at the repair cost, so that you can get a working unit back as soon as possible!

Repair Details

We can repair hardware issues and errors codes with your Panelview Plus 7 such as:

  • Defective Touchscreens and Keypads
    • Stuck key/keypad (Fatal 3A or Error 31)
    • Cracked touchscreens
    • Dead Spots
    • Calibration issues
  • Displays
    • Blank Displays
    • Dead pixels
    • Burn in
    • Lines through the screen
    • Failing CRT
    • Dim/faded screens
  • Broken housing and bezel
    • Cracked Plastic
    • Broken Mounting Posts/Clips
    • Internal Broken Components
  • Error Codes
    • Self-test errors
    • Real Time Clock Errors
    • Failing Batteries
    • Communication Failures (RS-232, DH+, DH-485, Ethernet, Devicenet, ControlNet and more).
  • Dead/Dying Backlights
    • Halogen Lamps
    • Led Backlights
  • Power Supply Failures
    • Dead units
  • Mother Board Failures
    • Solid LED Status lights
    • Blinking LED Status Lights

The PanelView Plus 7 series is a series of control terminals manufactured by Allen-Bradley. The operator interface devices are used as monitoring and control terminals, and they are attached to the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix® 5570 and the CompactLogix™ 5370 controllers. The Panelview Plus 7 terminals feature the EtherNet/IP™ network and they support the animated graphics and text displays. The devices are designed to provide the users with a view of the operating states of the attached applications. The PanelView Plus 7 terminals come with terminal functionalities that permit connections to a single controller with up to 25 screens. The PanelView Plus 7 devices come with pre-installed firmware featuring the FactoryTalk® View Machine Edition software that provides an environment for the creation of the human-machine interface applications. The PanelView Plus 7 terminals also support the EtherNet communication with the device level ring linear topology and it comes with third-party applications. The PanelView Plus 7 terminals have the PDF applications installed for supporting access to the PDF files that can also be stored in the terminals.

The Panelview Plus 7 series offers widescreen terminals that can be 4 inches, 9 inches, and 12 inches wide. The screens also come with a greater screen resolution while the terminals are available with or without the branded manufacturers label. The PanelView Plus 7 terminals support 24 Volts DC nominal voltage, and it has mounting slots and levers inserted into the slots for mounting devices in the panel or the enclosure. The PanelView Plus 7 terminals support a single USB device port, and a universal serial bus host port. The PanelView Plus 7 terminals feature status indicators on the back of the terminal and they come with battery covers on the back.

Part Number Description Price Action
2711P-B10C22A9PPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$2179.31cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B10C22A9P-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$2184.28cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B10C22D9PPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$2033.16cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B10C22D9P-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$2057.92cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B15C22A9PPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$3131.00cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B15C22A9P-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-B15C22D9PPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$2459.92cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B15C22D9P-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$2452.47cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B7C22A9PPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1421.57cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B7C22A9P-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1438.99cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B7C22D9PPanelview Plus 7 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-B7C22D9P-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1298.92cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T10C21D8SPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1267.39cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T10C21D8S-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$919.59cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T10C22A9PPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1821.08cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T10C22A9P-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1938.55cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T10C22D8SPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1273.48cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T10C22D8S-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-T10C22D9PPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$972.57cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T10C22D9P-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1903.78cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T12W21D8SPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$977.65cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T12W21D8S-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1678.13cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T12W22A9PPanelview Plus 7 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-T12W22A9P-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1448.58cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T12W22D8SPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1470.82cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T12W22D8S-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1123.22cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T12W22D9PPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1450.46cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T12W22D9P-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1396.99cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T15C21D8SPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1748.96cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T15C21D8S-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1766.42cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T15C22A9PPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$2613.84cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T15C22A9P-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$2805.04cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T15C22D8SPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1960.69cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T15C22D8S-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1939.50cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T15C22D9PPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$2311.07cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T15C22D9P-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$2680.95cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T19C22A9PPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$3442.48cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T19C22A9P-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$3413.47cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T19C22D9PPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$2915.16cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T19C22D9P-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$3332.17cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T4W21D8SPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$291.77cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T4W21D8S-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-T4W22D8SPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$341.47cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T4W22D8S-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-T6C21D8SPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$687.97cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T6C21D8S-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-T6C22D8SPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$630.68cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T6C22D8S-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-T7C21D8SPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$782.05cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T7C21D8S-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-T7C22A9PPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1559.06cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T7C22A9P-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1295.68cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T7C22D8SPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1451.22cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T7C22D8S-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-T7C22D9PPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1466.18cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T7C22D9P-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-T9W21D8SPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1194.11cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T9W21D8S-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1172.79cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T9W22A9PPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1742.70cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T9W22A9P-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1739.99cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T9W22D8SPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1220.56cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T9W22D8S-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-T9W22D9PPanelview Plus 7 Repair Service$1732.35cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T9W22D9P-BPanelview Plus 7 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
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