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The Versamax series of PLCs or programmable logic controllers that are manufactured by GE Fanuc are made for providing I/O connections in commercial and industrial automation applications. The Versamax PLCs are cohesive systems that are composed of different parts that the users can select and connect according to the needs of their automation applications as long as all the parts are compatible. These PLCs can be connected to different industrial networks if they have network interface modules or Versamax I/O stations installed in them. The modules and modular components from this series can be mounted on DIN rails. The Versamax PLCs meet the CE, CUL, UL, Class 1 Zone 2, and the Class I Division 2 standards.


The GE Fanuc Versamax PLCs support automatic addressing, which means that they do not need to be set up through a laborious traditional configuration process or need to have handheld devices connected to them for configuration. They also support different field-wing termination options that allow them to connect to 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire devices. I/O devices in the Versamax PLC system can be installed in different remote locations and they can use remote I/O interfaces like the Ethernet, Devicenet, Profibus, and Genius interfaces for communication. Every Versamax PLC is made up of several modules, and the first module that is installed in the sequence is the CPU module and its attached power supply. These Versamax CPUs can support up to 64 other modules with as many as 2048 I/O points.

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