140U MCB Repair

Allen Bradley PLC 140U MCB
One Year DO Supply WarrantyOne Year DO Supply Warranty 
'Fast RepairsFast repairs at low costs

We offer extensive repairs for your 140U MCB. We keep many spare parts in stock so that we can repair your 140U MCB as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our standard repair lead time is 2-4 weeks. However, we can often repair your unit much faster if necessary. We can repair most issues with your 140U MCB and if for some reason we cannot repair your unit we will do our best to offer a refurbished unit at the repair cost, so that you can get a working unit back as soon as possible!

Repair Details

We can repair hardware issues and error codes with your 140U MCB such as:

  • Processors
    • Bad communication ports
    • Broken selector/key switches
    • Dead batteries/Bad Battery connections
    • Solid or Blinking RED OK Status Light
    • Solid or Blinking RED RUN Status Light
    • Solid or Blinking RED Fault Status Light
  • I/O Modules 
    • Bad analog inputs or ouptus
    • Bad digital input or outputs
    • Bad relays (stuck on/off)
    • Incorrect voltages on inputs or outputs
    • Incorrect current on inputs or outputs
  • Communication Modules​​​​​​​
    • DF1, DH-485, DH+, Profibus, Remote I/ (RIO) failures and more!
    • Intermittent communication 
    • Solid RED/Blinkging RED communication lights
    • Devicenet, Ethernet, ControlNet, RS232 ports. 
  • Thermocouple Modules/RTD Modules
    • Missing CJC Jumpers
    • Incorrect readings
  • High Speed Counters
    • ​​​​​​​Failed inputs
  • Power Supplies​​​​​​​
    • Dead power supplies
    • Incorrect voltage
  • Chassis/Racks
    • ​​​​​​​Broken Plastic
    • Poor Connections
    • Bad Slots


The 140U MCB circuit breaker series is a molded case circuit breaker series manufactured by Allen-Bradley. Circuit breakers are electrical devices that are capable of carrying and breaking currents under normal and abnormal circuit conditions. The series is certified with the CE rating and the cULus listing. The breakers in this series meet the CSA, IEC, and the UL compliances. The 140U series is a series of compact circuit breakers which use less panel space and have more features. The circuit breakers in this series are 45 millimeters wide,102 millimeters high, and 85 millimeters deep. They offer higher interruption ratings of 65 kA at 480 Y/277 Volts. They allow for higher overall short circuit ratings. The 140U MCB series provides up to 6 times the high interrupt rating that traditional circuit breakers deliver. This series comes with current limiting features. It offers high interrupt ratings for both 2-pole and 3-pole setups. The circuit breaker is 100% rated for up to 15 Amps of current. These circuit breakers are ideal for feeder circuits which include small cabinets, distribution panels, branch circuit protection, transformers, and heaters. They are also used in control circuits like control transformers and power supplies.

The 140U MCB series is also HACR certified (Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration). These circuit breakers can be used for global applications. The 140U MCB series is a cost-effective circuit breaker series. These breakers use compact bus bars and feeder blocks which helps to reduce the wiring errors and the installation costs. The circuit breakers can be selected on the basis of the rated current, magnetic trip, breaking capacity, interrupting rating, and the number of poles. These breaker devices can be operated at temperatures between -25 and 60 degrees Celsius. The breakers can also take accessories manufactured by Allen-Bradley.

Part Number Description Price Action
140U-D6D2-A50140U MCB Repair Service$150.50cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D2-B10140U MCB Repair Service$146.49cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D2-B20140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-D6D2-B30140U MCB Repair Service$148.84cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D2-B40140U MCB Repair Service$149.37cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D2-B50140U MCB Repair Service$148.79cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D2-B60140U MCB Repair Service$121.27cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D2-B80140U MCB Repair Service$148.42cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D2-C10140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-D6D2-C12140U MCB Repair Service$146.58cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D2-C15140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-D6D2-C20140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-D6D2-C25140U MCB Repair Service$148.81cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D2-C30140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-D6D3-A50140U MCB Repair Service$215.70cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D3-B10140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-D6D3-B20140U MCB Repair Service$214.11cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D3-B30140U MCB Repair Service$216.74cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D3-B40140U MCB Repair Service$211.64cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D3-B50140U MCB Repair Service$215.52cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D3-B60140U MCB Repair Service$208.84cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D3-B80140U MCB Repair Service$215.17cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D3-C10140U MCB Repair Service$212.25cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D3-C12140U MCB Repair Service$212.10cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D3-C15140U MCB Repair Service$211.82cartAdd To Cart
140U-D6D3-C20140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-D6D3-C25140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-D6D3-C30140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-H-FCX06140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-H0C3-C25140U MCB Repair Service$315.05cartAdd To Cart
140U-H0C3-C40140U MCB Repair Service$818.29cartAdd To Cart
140U-H0C3-C50140U MCB Repair Service$329.90cartAdd To Cart
140U-H0C3-D10140U MCB Repair Service$1269.06cartAdd To Cart
140U-H2C3-C60140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-H2C3-C70-A140U MCB Repair Service$124.34cartAdd To Cart
140U-H2C3-C80140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-H2C3-D10140U MCB Repair Service$418.89cartAdd To Cart
140U-H2C3-D12140U MCB Repair Service$176.83cartAdd To Cart
140U-H3C3-D10140U MCB Repair Service$142.74cartAdd To Cart
140U-H3C3-D12140U MCB Repair Service$367.95cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C2-D12140U MCB Repair Service$628.76cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-C15-A140U MCB Repair Service$575.96cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-C20140U MCB Repair Service$172.00cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-C20-A-MT140U MCB Repair Service$628.24cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-C25-A-MT140U MCB Repair Service$638.97cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-C30-B140U MCB Repair Service$651.73cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-C30-MB140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-H6C3-C30-MT140U MCB Repair Service$166.88cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-C35-A-MT140U MCB Repair Service$633.18cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-C40140U MCB Repair Service$139.49cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-C50-A-MT140U MCB Repair Service$668.73cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-C50-B140U MCB Repair Service$198.11cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-C60140U MCB Repair Service$464.02cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-C60-A140U MCB Repair Service$561.96cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-C70-B140U MCB Repair Service$770.60cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-C80-A-MT140U MCB Repair Service$756.42cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-D11140U MCB Repair Service$373.47cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-D11-A140U MCB Repair Service$1352.47cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-D12140U MCB Repair Service$668.00cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-D12-A140U MCB Repair Service$1368.71cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6C3-D12-A-MT140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-H6C3-D12-D140U MCB Repair Service$1360.65cartAdd To Cart
140U-H6S3-D12140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-H6S3-D12-A140U MCB Repair Service$246.91cartAdd To Cart
140U-I-CLC70140U MCB Repair Service$178.37cartAdd To Cart
140U-I0C3-C15140U MCB Repair Service$385.29cartAdd To Cart
140U-I0C3-C20140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-I0C3-C30140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-I0C3-C40140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-I0C3-C60140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-I0C3-D15-S140U MCB Repair Service$1097.83cartAdd To Cart
140U-I3C3-C20140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-I3C3-C30140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-I3C3-C35140U MCB Repair Service$201.21cartAdd To Cart
140U-I3C3-C50140U MCB Repair Service$153.76cartAdd To Cart
140U-I3C3-C80140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-I3C3-C90140U MCB Repair Service$221.15cartAdd To Cart
140U-I3C3-D10140U MCB Repair Service$222.20cartAdd To Cart
140U-I3C3-D12-S140U MCB Repair Service$526.66cartAdd To Cart
140U-I6C3-C20140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-I6C3-C20-M140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-I6C3-C30140U MCB Repair Service$334.59cartAdd To Cart
140U-I6C3-C30-M140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-I6C3-C35140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-I6C3-C50140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-I6C3-C70140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-I6C3-C80140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-I6C3-C90140U MCB Repair Service$264.82cartAdd To Cart
140U-I6C3-D10140U MCB Repair Service$265.17cartAdd To Cart
140U-I6C3-D12140U MCB Repair Service$755.07cartAdd To Cart
140U-I6C3-D12-S140U MCB Repair Service$723.16cartAdd To Cart
140U-I6C3-D15140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-I6C3-D15-S140U MCB Repair Service$728.19cartAdd To Cart
140U-J0D3-D12140U MCB Repair Service$896.13cartAdd To Cart
140U-J0D3-D15140U MCB Repair Service$2079.74cartAdd To Cart
140U-J0D3-D22140U MCB Repair Service$2113.26cartAdd To Cart
140U-J2D3-D15140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-J2D3-D17140U MCB Repair Service$179.47cartAdd To Cart
140U-J2D3-D22140U MCB Repair Service$178.36cartAdd To Cart
140U-J2D3-D25140U MCB Repair Service$279.78cartAdd To Cart
140U-J2L3-C50140U MCB Repair Service$190.13cartAdd To Cart
140U-J2L3-D16140U MCB Repair Service$634.31cartAdd To Cart
140U-J2X3140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-J3D3-C90140U MCB Repair Service$279.29cartAdd To Cart
140U-J3D3-D10140U MCB Repair Service$229.76cartAdd To Cart
140U-J3D3-D12140U MCB Repair Service$230.01cartAdd To Cart
140U-J3D3-D17140U MCB Repair Service$278.84cartAdd To Cart
140U-J3D3-D20140U MCB Repair Service$228.27cartAdd To Cart
140U-J3D3-D22140U MCB Repair Service$751.36cartAdd To Cart
140U-J3X3140U MCB Repair Service$139.51cartAdd To Cart
140U-J6D3-D15140U MCB Repair Service$1575.46cartAdd To Cart
140U-J6D3-D15-A140U MCB Repair Service$1568.85cartAdd To Cart
140U-J6D3-D20140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-J6D3-D20-A140U MCB Repair Service$1582.37cartAdd To Cart
140U-J6D3-D20-A-MU140U MCB Repair Service$1664.62cartAdd To Cart
140U-J6D3-D22140U MCB Repair Service$533.61cartAdd To Cart
140U-J6G3-D25140U MCB Repair Service$1330.12cartAdd To Cart
140U-J6L3-C50140U MCB Repair Service$424.71cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD0D3-D15140U MCB Repair Service$1365.63cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD0D3-D17140U MCB Repair Service$1358.06cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD0D3-D20140U MCB Repair Service$1453.15cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD0D3-D22140U MCB Repair Service$1342.97cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD3D3-D10140U MCB Repair Service$630.24cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD3D3-D12140U MCB Repair Service$627.27cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD3D3-D15140U MCB Repair Service$577.67cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD3D3-D17140U MCB Repair Service$1404.61cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD3D3-D20140U MCB Repair Service$1197.17cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD3D3-D22140U MCB Repair Service$643.06cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD3D3-D25140U MCB Repair Service$625.67cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD6D3-C70140U MCB Repair Service$1069.53cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD6D3-C90140U MCB Repair Service$3558.27cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD6D3-D10140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-JD6D3-D12140U MCB Repair Service$1061.72cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD6D3-D15140U MCB Repair Service$1002.83cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD6D3-D17140U MCB Repair Service$1067.69cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD6D3-D20140U MCB Repair Service$1066.83cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD6D3-D22140U MCB Repair Service$1074.67cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD6D3-D25140U MCB Repair Service$1104.76cartAdd To Cart
140U-JD6X3140U MCB Repair Service$796.37cartAdd To Cart
140U-JDTD3-D20-M140U MCB Repair Service$798.63cartAdd To Cart
140U-JDTD3-D22-M140U MCB Repair Service$241.95cartAdd To Cart
140U-JDTD3-D25-M140U MCB Repair Service$953.32cartAdd To Cart
140U-JTD3-D10140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-JTD3-D12140U MCB Repair Service$152.93cartAdd To Cart
140U-JTD3-D17140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-JTD3-D20140U MCB Repair Service$163.46cartAdd To Cart
140U-JTD3-D22140U MCB Repair Service$97.67cartAdd To Cart
140U-K-EA2140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-K-FCX06140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-K-RMX140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-K0D3-D12140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-K0D3-D20140U MCB Repair Service$804.55cartAdd To Cart
140U-K0D3-D25140U MCB Repair Service$791.87cartAdd To Cart
140U-K0D3-D40140U MCB Repair Service$802.78cartAdd To Cart
140U-K0X3140U MCB Repair Service$881.65cartAdd To Cart
140U-K3D3-D12140U MCB Repair Service$358.09cartAdd To Cart
140U-K3D3-D20140U MCB Repair Service$362.77cartAdd To Cart
140U-K3D3-D30140U MCB Repair Service$465.33cartAdd To Cart
140U-K3D3-D35140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-K3D3-D40140U MCB Repair Service$679.33cartAdd To Cart
140U-K3L3-D40140U MCB Repair Service$593.80cartAdd To Cart
140U-K3X3140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-K6D3-D12140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-K6D3-D17140U MCB Repair Service$610.17cartAdd To Cart
140U-K6D3-D20140U MCB Repair Service$619.19cartAdd To Cart
140U-K6D3-D25140U MCB Repair Service$609.30cartAdd To Cart
140U-K6D3-D30140U MCB Repair Service$612.31cartAdd To Cart
140U-K6D3-D35140U MCB Repair Service$614.35cartAdd To Cart
140U-K6D3-D40140U MCB Repair Service$652.02cartAdd To Cart
140U-K6D3-D40-A140U MCB Repair Service$2152.64cartAdd To Cart
140U-K6D3-D40-MU140U MCB Repair Service$2214.70cartAdd To Cart
140U-K6G3-D40140U MCB Repair Service$833.07cartAdd To Cart
140U-K6L3-D40140U MCB Repair Service$835.52cartAdd To Cart
140U-K6X3140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-KTD3-D30140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-KTD3-D35140U MCB Repair Service$108.42cartAdd To Cart
140U-KTD3-D40140U MCB Repair Service$93.40cartAdd To Cart
140U-KTH3-D40140U MCB Repair Service$193.14cartAdd To Cart
140U-KTL3-D40140U MCB Repair Service$135.16cartAdd To Cart
140U-L-EOPD140U MCB Repair Service$1458.39cartAdd To Cart
140U-L-FCX04140U MCB Repair Service$306.04cartAdd To Cart
140U-L-PAD4140U MCB Repair Service$602.46cartAdd To Cart
140U-L0D3-D40140U MCB Repair Service$4595.56cartAdd To Cart
140U-L3D3-D25140U MCB Repair Service$2057.90cartAdd To Cart
140U-L3D3-D40140U MCB Repair Service$2170.42cartAdd To Cart
140U-L3D3-D60140U MCB Repair Service$641.33cartAdd To Cart
140U-L3X3140U MCB Repair Service$387.02cartAdd To Cart
140U-L6D3-D60140U MCB Repair Service$3017.66cartAdd To Cart
140U-L6G3-D60140U MCB Repair Service$4142.24cartAdd To Cart
140U-L6X3140U MCB Repair Service$673.17cartAdd To Cart
140U-LTD3-D30140U MCB Repair Service$349.44cartAdd To Cart
140U-LTD3-D40140U MCB Repair Service$220.88cartAdd To Cart
140U-LTD3-D50140U MCB Repair Service$349.69cartAdd To Cart
140U-M5X3140U MCB Repair Service$458.29cartAdd To Cart
140U-M6D3-D70140U MCB Repair Service$3501.44cartAdd To Cart
140U-M6L3-D80140U MCB Repair Service$1107.12cartAdd To Cart
140U-M6S3-D80140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-MTD3-D45140U MCB Repair Service$326.93cartAdd To Cart
140U-MTD3-D60140U MCB Repair Service$1156.10cartAdd To Cart
140U-N5L3-E12140U MCB Repair Service$4477.52cartAdd To Cart
140U-Q3D3-D60140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140U-Q3X3140U MCB Repair Service$579.33cartAdd To Cart
140U-Q6D3-D35140U MCB Repair Service$1026.63cartAdd To Cart
140U-Q6D3-D50140U MCB Repair Service$3405.70cartAdd To Cart
140U-Q6D3-D60140U MCB Repair Service$1029.09cartAdd To Cart
140U-Q6S3-D60-A140U MCB Repair Service$919.59cartAdd To Cart
140U-Q6X3140U MCB Repair Service$1075.12cartAdd To Cart
140U-QTD3-D45140U MCB Repair Service$404.71cartAdd To Cart
140UE-H7E3-D12140U MCB Repair Service$174.17cartAdd To Cart
140UE-J4X3140U MCB Repair Service$106.00cartAdd To Cart
140UE-J7F3-D20140U MCB Repair Service$484.78cartAdd To Cart
140UE-JTF3-D20140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140UE-JTF3-D25140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140UE-L3X3140U MCB Repair Service$490.55cartAdd To Cart
140UE-L5X3140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140UE-LTF3-D63140U MCB Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
140UE-M5D3-D80140U MCB Repair Service$2021.68cartAdd To Cart
140UE-M5X3140U MCB Repair Service$305.31cartAdd To Cart
140UE-M7D3-D40140U MCB Repair Service$1850.20cartAdd To Cart
140UE-M7X3140U MCB Repair Service$544.29cartAdd To Cart
140UE-N7H3-E12140U MCB Repair Service$1147.59cartAdd To Cart
Part Number Description Price Action
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