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Allen Bradley VersaView Plus 6181P
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We offer extensive repairs for your Plus 6181P. We keep many spare parts in stock so that we can repair your Plus 6181P as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our standard repair lead time is 2-4 weeks. However, we can often repair your unit much faster if necessary. We can repair most issues with your Plus 6181P and if for some reason we cannot repair your unit we will do our best to offer a refurbished unit at the repair cost, so that you can get a working unit back as soon as possible!

Repair Details

The 6181P computer series is a series of industrial integrated display computers by Allen-Bradley. They are designed to provide a streamlined, all-in-one touch display, and they come with CPUs equipped with technology that supports a variety of features, including the conventional Linux and Microsoft operating systems and virtual images. The 6181P computers accommodate the fourth-generation Intel Core-i processors and they also make use of available technological capabilities, for instance, the DisplayPort, USB 3.0, and the Intel Rapid Start features. These industrial integrated display computers also meet the requirement of factories by providing a wide range of models and display sizes as well as mounting methods. They are available in both display and non-display models, standard display sizes (5:4 and 4:3) and widescreen (16:9) formats.

The Allen-Bradley 6181P computers feature stainless-steel bezel display computers that adhere to the NEMA 4X standard requirements, and they are the ideal option for use in beverage and food applications. Additionally, these computer models have various mounting methods, including portrait and landscape orientations as well as the “bookshelf” mounting option for the non-display versions, and the “bookshelf” option also saves space. Aluminum-bezel integrated display computers like these ones have many easy-to-use features that allow for quick decision making. Some of these features include front status indicators that show the status of the PC hardware, a front-lockable USB 3.0 port which offers easy but controlled access to the files, system data, and images, and the front User Interface Button (UIB) for 1-touch UEFI (BIOS) access during startup. Besides, the UIB is user-configurable to enhance application flexibility. The 6181P industrial integrated display modules provide a platform that is engineered, built, and verified to endure daily use in harsh industrial settings.

Part Number Description Price Action
6181P-12A2HW71ACPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-12A2HW71DCPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-12A2SE71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$2212cartAdd To Cart
6181P-12A2SE71DCPlus 6181P Repair Service$2218cartAdd To Cart
6181P-12A2SW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$2233cartAdd To Cart
6181P-12A2SW71DCPlus 6181P Repair Service$1390cartAdd To Cart
6181P-12NPXPPlus 6181P Repair Service$2114cartAdd To Cart
6181P-12NPXPHPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-12NSXPPlus 6181P Repair Service$1513cartAdd To Cart
6181P-12TPW7Plus 6181P Repair Service$1981cartAdd To Cart
6181P-12TPW7DCPlus 6181P Repair Service$2034cartAdd To Cart
6181P-12TPXPPlus 6181P Repair Service$2025cartAdd To Cart
6181P-12TPXPDCPlus 6181P Repair Service$1915cartAdd To Cart
6181P-12TPXPHPlus 6181P Repair Service$1768cartAdd To Cart
6181P-12TPXPHDCPlus 6181P Repair Service$6231cartAdd To Cart
6181P-12TSXPPlus 6181P Repair Service$1555cartAdd To Cart
6181P-12TSXPHPlus 6181P Repair Service$1685cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15A2HW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$2051cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15A2HW71DCPlus 6181P Repair Service$1783cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15A2SE71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$2286cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15A2SE71DCPlus 6181P Repair Service$2299cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15A2SW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$2319cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15A2SW71DCPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-15A3HW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$1882cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15A3HW71DCPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-15A3SW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$2776cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15A3SW71DCPlus 6181P Repair Service$2813cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15B3HW71ACPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-15B3HW71DCPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-15B3SW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$3293cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15B3SW71DCPlus 6181P Repair Service$3367cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15C2HW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$2595cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15C2HW71DCPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-15C2SW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$2606cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15C2SW71DCPlus 6181P Repair Service$2578cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15NPXPPlus 6181P Repair Service$2068cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15NPXPHPlus 6181P Repair Service$2104cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15NSXPPlus 6181P Repair Service$1781cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15NXSPHPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-15TPW7Plus 6181P Repair Service$2094cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15TPW7DCPlus 6181P Repair Service$2051cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15TPW7SSPlus 6181P Repair Service$2042cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15TPXPPlus 6181P Repair Service$2201cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15TPXPDCPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-15TPXPHPlus 6181P Repair Service$2344cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15TPXPHSSPlus 6181P Repair Service$2105cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15TPXPSSPlus 6181P Repair Service$2244cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15TSXPPlus 6181P Repair Service$1405cartAdd To Cart
6181P-15TSXPHPlus 6181P Repair Service$1706cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17A2HW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$2256cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17A2HW71DCPlus 6181P Repair Service$2271cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17A2SE71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$2362cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17A2SE71DCPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-17A2SW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$2494cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17A2SW71DCPlus 6181P Repair Service$2516cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17A3HW71ACPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-17A3HW71DCPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-17A3SW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$2983cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17A3SW71DCPlus 6181P Repair Service$2961cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17C2HW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$2699cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17C2HW71DCPlus 6181P Repair Service$2832cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17C2SW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$2768cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17C2SW71DCPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-17NPXPPlus 6181P Repair Service$2184cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17NPXPHPlus 6181P Repair Service$2683cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17NSXPPlus 6181P Repair Service$2042cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17NSXPHPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-17TPW7Plus 6181P Repair Service$2274cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17TPW7DCPlus 6181P Repair Service$2569cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17TPW7SSPlus 6181P Repair Service$2241cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17TPXPPlus 6181P Repair Service$2382cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17TPXPDCPlus 6181P Repair Service$2375cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17TPXPHPlus 6181P Repair Service$1425cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17TPXPHSSPlus 6181P Repair Service$2793cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17TPXPSSPlus 6181P Repair Service$2348cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17TSXPPlus 6181P Repair Service$2011cartAdd To Cart
6181P-17TSXPHPlus 6181P Repair Service$2605cartAdd To Cart
6181P-19A2HW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$2594cartAdd To Cart
6181P-19A2HW71DCPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-19A2SE71ACPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-19A2SE71DCPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-19A2SW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$2681cartAdd To Cart
6181P-19A2SW71DCPlus 6181P Repair Service$2721cartAdd To Cart
6181P-19A3HW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$3236cartAdd To Cart
6181P-19A3HW71DCPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-19A3SW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$3215cartAdd To Cart
6181P-19A3SW71DCPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-19B3HW71ACPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-19B3HW71DCPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6181P-19B3SW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$3477cartAdd To Cart
6181P-19B3SW71DCPlus 6181P Repair Service$3310cartAdd To Cart
6181P-19C2HW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$3034cartAdd To Cart
6181P-19C2HW71DCPlus 6181P Repair Service$3025cartAdd To Cart
6181P-19C2SW71ACPlus 6181P Repair Service$2789cartAdd To Cart
6181P-19C2SW71DCPlus 6181P Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
Part Number Description Price Action
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