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The GE Fanuc Rx7i PACsystem control system was designed to be an expansion for existing GE Fanuc industrial machine systems, and it was designed to be cost-effective and easy to install. It can be installed in an existing system without disturbing that system’s wiring. The controllers in the Rx7i PACsystem series are available with 5 different CPUs that can all be upgraded and that all have fast execution rates and large memory capacities. The Rx7i PACsystem controllers are automation controllers that are used to control industrial automation systems. These controllers can communicate through their Ethernet ports that have dual RJ-45 ports and through their 3 isolated serial ports which are an RS-232 port, and RS-485 port, and an RS-232 Ethernet station manager port.


The GE Fanuc Rx7i PACsystem control system makes device migration easy because it supports most GE Fanuc Genius networks, expansion racks, and Series 90-70 modules and it supports the conversion of the Series 90-70 programs and the conversion of the Logicmaster and VersaPro applications to Machine Edition applications. These convenient features support existing hardware systems and existing system developments, and they provide a smooth transition to PACsystems. The Rx7i PACsystem control system’s hardware includes 1 Rx7i rack and as many as 7 Series 90-70 expansion racks. The system will need to have 1 Bus Transmitter Module or BTM in the main rack if any expansion racks are used. The Rx7i PACsystem control system’s Rx7i rack can support all Rx7i CPU configurations and all Rx7i I/O configurations as well as many VME modules and most Series 90-70 I/O modules.

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