1760 Pico Controllers Repair

Allen Bradley PLC 1760 Pico Controllers
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We offer extensive repairs for your 1760 Pico Controllers. We keep many spare parts in stock so that we can repair your 1760 Pico Controllers as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our standard repair lead time is 2-4 weeks. However, we can often repair your unit much faster if necessary. We can repair most issues with your 1760 Pico Controllers and if for some reason we cannot repair your unit we will do our best to offer a refurbished unit at the repair cost, so that you can get a working unit back as soon as possible!

Repair Details

We can repair hardware issues and error codes with your 1760 Pico Controllers such as:

  • Processors
    • Bad communication ports
    • Broken selector/key switches
    • Dead batteries/Bad Battery connections
    • Solid or Blinking RED OK Status Light
    • Solid or Blinking RED RUN Status Light
    • Solid or Blinking RED Fault Status Light
  • I/O Modules 
    • Bad analog inputs or ouptus
    • Bad digital input or outputs
    • Bad relays (stuck on/off)
    • Incorrect voltages on inputs or outputs
    • Incorrect current on inputs or outputs
  • Communication Modules​​​​​​​
    • DF1, DH-485, DH+, Profibus, Remote I/ (RIO) failures and more!
    • Intermittent communication 
    • Solid RED/Blinkging RED communication lights
    • Devicenet, Ethernet, ControlNet, RS232 ports. 
  • Thermocouple Modules/RTD Modules
    • Missing CJC Jumpers
    • Incorrect readings
  • High Speed Counters
    • ​​​​​​​Failed inputs
  • Power Supplies​​​​​​​
    • Dead power supplies
    • Incorrect voltage
  • Chassis/Racks
    • ​​​​​​​Broken Plastic
    • Poor Connections
    • Bad Slots


The 1760 Pico Controllers is a series of cost-effective and operator-friendly controllers that are widely used in simple control applications. They are used in domestic automation for controlling machines and plant systems. Common examples of the implementation of 1760 Pico controllers can be seen in control ventilators, rotating doors, exterior lighting, and window controllers. The controllers come with easy operating systems and built-in LCDs. The 1760 Pico Controllers can also be mounted by using DIN Rails. The mounts have spring mechanisms. These controllers are programmed by using the ladder diagrams and each programming element can be entered directly via the Pico displays. They also offer real-time clocks that allow for 32 separate on and off times. These controllers can be programmed by using PicoSoft programming software. The Pico controller series devices are CE marked and they are approved for installation within the European Union and the EEA regions. The controllers have also been designed and tested to meet the EMC and the low voltage directives.

The 1760 Pico Controllers have control keys on the front panel. These keys include the Del key, Alt key, Esc keys, and other cursor keys. These buttons can be used individually or they can be combined to perform different functions. The controllers support 10 to 12 different languages, which help the users in different regions of the world. For internal networking, the controllers make use of the DeviceNet modules and the proprietary Pico links. They come with storage capacities of 8 KB, 16 KB, or 32 KB of memory. The 1760 Pico Controllers support different operation modes that include the run mode/stop mode, the terminal mode, and the card mode. They support EEPROM and they can work properly with DC and Analog inputs. These controllers feature real-time clocks. Password security is available in the 1760 Pico Controllers series.

Part Number Description Price Action
1760-CBL-PC021760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$139.00cartAdd To Cart
1760-CBL-PM021760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$138.90cartAdd To Cart
1760-DU1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$131.27cartAdd To Cart
1760-DUB1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$186.48cartAdd To Cart
1760-IA12XOW4I1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$222.54cartAdd To Cart
1760-IA12XOW6I1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$373.52cartAdd To Cart
1760-IB12XOB4IF1760 Pico Controllers Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1760-IB12XOB4IOF1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$308.82cartAdd To Cart
1760-IB12XOB81760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$277.11cartAdd To Cart
1760-IB12XOW4IF1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$159.07cartAdd To Cart
1760-IB12XOW4IOF1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$281.58cartAdd To Cart
1760-IB12XOW6I1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$185.23cartAdd To Cart
1760-L12AWA1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$283.01cartAdd To Cart
1760-L12AWA-NC1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$260.63cartAdd To Cart
1760-L12AWA-ND1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$186.16cartAdd To Cart
1760-L12BBB1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$232.58cartAdd To Cart
1760-L12BBB-ND1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$266.02cartAdd To Cart
1760-L12BWB1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$466.61cartAdd To Cart
1760-L12BWB-NC1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$233.41cartAdd To Cart
1760-L12BWB-ND1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$176.15cartAdd To Cart
1760-L12DWD1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$280.39cartAdd To Cart
1760-L12DWD-ND1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$328.27cartAdd To Cart
1760-L12NWN1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$276.99cartAdd To Cart
1760-L12NWN-ND1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$175.89cartAdd To Cart
1760-L18AWA1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$490.68cartAdd To Cart
1760-L18AWA-EX1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$450.55cartAdd To Cart
1760-L18AWA-EXND1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$398.53cartAdd To Cart
1760-L18BWB-EX1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$287.05cartAdd To Cart
1760-L18BWB-EXND1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$371.72cartAdd To Cart
1760-L18DWD-EX1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$356.80cartAdd To Cart
1760-L18DWD-EXND1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$358.45cartAdd To Cart
1760-L18NWN-EX1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$373.02cartAdd To Cart
1760-L18NWN-EXND1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$349.19cartAdd To Cart
1760-L20BBB-EX1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$278.19cartAdd To Cart
1760-L20BBB-EXND1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$341.68cartAdd To Cart
1760-LDF1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$326.44cartAdd To Cart
1760-LDFA1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$308.81cartAdd To Cart
1760-LDFC1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$325.58cartAdd To Cart
1760-LDFCA1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$306.49cartAdd To Cart
1760-MM11760 Pico Controllers Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1760-MM21760 Pico Controllers Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1760-MM2B1760 Pico Controllers Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1760-MM31760 Pico Controllers Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1760-OW21760 Pico Controllers Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1760-PICOPRO-PC021760 Pico Controllers Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1760-PICOSOFTPRO1760 Pico Controllers Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1760-RPLCONN1760 Pico Controllers Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1760-SIM1760 Pico Controllers Repair Service$109.82cartAdd To Cart
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