Panelview Plus 6 Repair

Allen Bradley Panelview Panelview Plus 6
One Year DO Supply WarrantyOne Year DO Supply Warranty 
'Fast RepairsFast repairs at low costs

We offer extensive repairs for your Panelview Plus 6. We keep many spare parts in stock so that we can repair your Panelview Plus 6 as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our standard repair lead time is 3-5 days. However, we can often repair your unit much faster if necessary. We can repair most issues with your Panelview Plus 6 and if for some reason we cannot repair your unit we will do our best to offer a refurbished unit at the repair cost, so that you can get a working unit back as soon as possible!

Repair Details

We can repair hardware issues and errors codes with your Panelview Plus 6 such as:

  • Defective Touchscreens and Keypads
    • Stuck key/keypad (Fatal 3A or Error 31)
    • Cracked touchscreens
    • Dead Spots
    • Calibration issues
  • Displays
    • Blank Displays
    • Dead pixels
    • Burn in
    • Lines through the screen
    • Failing CRT
    • Dim/faded screens
  • Broken housing and bezel
    • Cracked Plastic
    • Broken Mounting Posts/Clips
    • Internal Broken Components
  • Error Codes
    • Self-test errors
    • Real Time Clock Errors
    • Failing Batteries
    • Communication Failures (RS-232, DH+, DH-485, Ethernet, Devicenet, ControlNet and more).
  • Dead/Dying Backlights
    • Halogen Lamps
    • Led Backlights
  • Power Supply Failures
    • Dead units
  • Mother Board Failures
    • Solid LED Status lights
    • Blinking LED Status Lights

Designed by Allen-Bradley, the PanelView Plus 6 series is a series of control terminals used as human-machine interfaces in industrial applications. The PanelView Plus 6 terminals come pre-programmed to provide the users with multilingual functionality, and integration to different applications designed by Allen-Bradley. The PanelView Plus 6 terminals integrate easily with various Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation controllers, including Logix Controllers. The display terminals are built to provide graphical displays in control environments. These units feature modular components that are usable with the various PanelView 6 supported devices. The PanelView 6 display terminals come with screens ranging in size from 6.5 to 15 inches, and they include the keypad or the touchscreen input methods. The PanelView Plus 6 terminals support optional communication modules for network communication. All the PanelView Plus 6 terminals support the Windows CE operating software. This provides the terminals with foundational operating software elements for meeting various user requirements.

The PanelView Plus 6 terminals are also provided with useful features for users with more complex application requirements. The optional features include extended features and the file viewers. All the PanelView Plus 6 terminals feature open or closed desktop environments, and they are initially shipped as closed systems that restrict access to the desktop. The PanelView Plus 6 terminals provide various functionalities, including the launching of the FactoryTalk View Machine Edition HMI application software, the launching of the standard FactoryTalk View Machine Edition software, and the launching of the Windows Explorer desktop software. The PanelView Plus 6 terminals are programmable to allow for restricted desktop access. The terminals are initially programmed with desktop access restrictions.

Part Number Description Price Action
2711P-B10C4A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$3122cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B10C4A9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$3287cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B10C4D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$3372cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B10C4D9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$3080cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B12C4A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$4224cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B12C4A9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$3981cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B12C4D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$3591cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B12C4D9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$3796cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B15C4A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$4475cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B15C4A9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$4645cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B15C4D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$4294cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B15C4D9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$4459cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B4C5A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$473cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B4C5D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$419cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B6C20A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$1687cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B6C20A9Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-B6C20D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$949cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B6C20D9Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-B6C5A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-B6C5A9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$1171cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B6C5D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$1005cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B6C5D9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$1120cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B6M20A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$1219cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B6M20D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$759cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B6M5A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-B6M5D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$829cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B7C4A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$2173cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B7C4A9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$2579cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B7C4D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$2721cartAdd To Cart
2711P-B7C4D9Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-K10C4A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-K10C4A9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$2646cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K10C4D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$2881cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K10C4D9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$2489cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K12C4A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$3723cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K12C4A9Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-K12C4D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-K12C4D9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$3347cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K15C4A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$3566cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K15C4A9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$4615cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K15C4D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$4211cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K15C4D9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$4351cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K4C20A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-K4C20D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-K4C5A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-K4C5D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$458cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K4M20A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$472cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K4M20D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$427cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K4M5A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-K4M5D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$460cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K6C20A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$1033cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K6C20A9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$944cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K6C20D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-K6C20D9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$945cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K6C5A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-K6C5A9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$944cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K6C5D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-K6C5D9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$934cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K6M20A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$753cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K6M20D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$745cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K6M5A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-K6M5D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-K7C4A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$2381cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K7C4A9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$2550cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K7C4D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$2196cartAdd To Cart
2711P-K7C4D9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$2361cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T10C4A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$2892cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T10C4A9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$3051cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T10C4D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$1215cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T10C4D9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$2362cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T12C4A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$1884cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T12C4A9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$1413cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T12C4D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$2839cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T12C4D9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$1422cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T15C4A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$5077cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T15C4A9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$2831cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T15C4D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$3284cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T15C4D9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$4227cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T6C20A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$945cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T6C20A9Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-T6C20D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$948cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T6C20D9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$949cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T6C5A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$1020cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T6C5A9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$783cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T6C5D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$847cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T6C5D9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$837cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T6M20A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$817cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T6M20D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$643cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T6M5A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711P-T6M5D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$462cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T7C4A8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$1683cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T7C4A9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$1792cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T7C4D8Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$1791cartAdd To Cart
2711P-T7C4D9Panelview Plus 6 Repair Service$1674cartAdd To Cart
Part Number Description Price Action
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