1305 AC Drives Repair

Allen Bradley Drives 1305 AC Drives
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We offer extensive repairs for your 1305 AC Drives. We keep many spare parts in stock so that we can repair your 1305 AC Drives as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our standard repair lead time is 2-4 weeks. However, we can often repair your unit much faster if necessary. We can repair most issues with your 1305 AC Drives and if for some reason we cannot repair your unit we will do our best to offer a refurbished unit at the repair cost, so that you can get a working unit back as soon as possible!

Repair Details

Common VFD/Servo Drives Issues/Failures:

  • Control Failures
    • Dead displays
    • Local/remote port failures
    • Main control board failures
    • I/O Failures
  • Power Failures
    • Power control board failures
    • SCR/IGBT failures
    • Faulty fans
    • Heatsink sensor faults
    • DC bus failures
    • Precharge failures
    • Undervoltage
    • Overvoltage
  • Enclosures/Covers
    • Broken Plastic Covers
    • Missing Covers
    • Missing Terminals
    • Broken mounting attachments/corners


The 1305 drive series consists of variable frequency drives (VFDs) that operate within a voltage rating of 200 to 460 Volts AC for both 3-phase and single-phase operations. This series of products has been developed by Allen-Bradley. The Allen-Bradley 1305 variable frequency drives are enclosed in IP 30 rated protective housings that protect the drives against solid particles that might threaten to enter the drives and cause damage. It is also important to avoid the exposure of the drives to extremely high temperatures. If overheating occurs, the drives might stop themselves automatically because if overheating occurs frequently, the lifespan of drives can be diminished. With these enclosures, the drives are intended to operate in indoor environments only to avoid the damages caused by adverse environmental conditions.

The Allen-Bradley 1305 variable frequency drives come with the option for adding human-machine interfaces that will enable the users to monitor, check, and modify different process variables. Interfaces also help the users to check the current status of the drive. Programmer devices can also be included if necessary. The human-machine interfaces come with small panels that enable the users to introduce data and it also shows 7 different sections. These drives also come with a direction LED indicator and a speed LED indicator. The Allen-Bradley 1305 variable frequency drives feature motor ratings of 0.5 to 5 Horsepower for 3-phase operation and from 0.5 to 2 Horsepower in single-phase operations. All of these drives need to be grounded to reduce electronic noise. Other recommendations are to use shielded cables and proper filters and to separate cables according to their purposes.

Part Number Description Price Action
1305-AA02A1305 AC Drives Repair Service$126.10cartAdd To Cart
1305-AA02A-ES1305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-AA02A-HA11305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-AA02A-HA21305 AC Drives Repair Service$244.61cartAdd To Cart
1305-AA02A-HAP1305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-AA03A1305 AC Drives Repair Service$145.46cartAdd To Cart
1305-AA03A-HA11305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-AA03A-HA21305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-AA03A-HAP1305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-AA04A1305 AC Drives Repair Service$174.49cartAdd To Cart
1305-AA04A-FR1305 AC Drives Repair Service$394.06cartAdd To Cart
1305-AA04A-HA11305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-AA04A-HA21305 AC Drives Repair Service$244.45cartAdd To Cart
1305-AA04A-HAP1305 AC Drives Repair Service$243.12cartAdd To Cart
1305-AA08A1305 AC Drives Repair Service$245.47cartAdd To Cart
1305-AA08A-DE1305 AC Drives Repair Service$286.16cartAdd To Cart
1305-AA08A-FR1305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-AA08A-HA11305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-AA08A-HA21305 AC Drives Repair Service$283.52cartAdd To Cart
1305-AA08A-HAP1305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-AA12-HA11305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-AA12A1305 AC Drives Repair Service$244.65cartAdd To Cart
1305-AA12A-EN101305 AC Drives Repair Service$243.23cartAdd To Cart
1305-AA12A-ES-HA21305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-AA12A-HA11305 AC Drives Repair Service$246.31cartAdd To Cart
1305-AA12A-HA21305 AC Drives Repair Service$246.45cartAdd To Cart
1305-AA12A-HAP1305 AC Drives Repair Service$379.80cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA01A1305 AC Drives Repair Service$382.80cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA01A-DE1305 AC Drives Repair Service$482.22cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA01A-DE-HA21305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-BA01A-ES-HA21305 AC Drives Repair Service$878.88cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA01A-FR-HA21305 AC Drives Repair Service$636.70cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA01A-HA11305 AC Drives Repair Service$672.39cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA01A-HA21305 AC Drives Repair Service$345.24cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA01A-HAP1305 AC Drives Repair Service$682.77cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA01A-IT1305 AC Drives Repair Service$681.67cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA02A1305 AC Drives Repair Service$481.19cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA02A-DE1305 AC Drives Repair Service$479.81cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA02A-DE-HA21305 AC Drives Repair Service$479.75cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA02A-ES1305 AC Drives Repair Service$1201.35cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA02A-HA11305 AC Drives Repair Service$677.84cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA02A-HA21305 AC Drives Repair Service$678.37cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA02A-HAP1305 AC Drives Repair Service$671.99cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA03A1305 AC Drives Repair Service$339.15cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA03A-DE1305 AC Drives Repair Service$573.43cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA03A-ES1305 AC Drives Repair Service$574.87cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA03A-ES-HA21305 AC Drives Repair Service$578.37cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA03A-FR1305 AC Drives Repair Service$575.44cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA03A-HA11305 AC Drives Repair Service$671.53cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA03A-HA21305 AC Drives Repair Service$577.12cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA03A-HAP1305 AC Drives Repair Service$669.94cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA04A1305 AC Drives Repair Service$575.09cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA04A-DE1305 AC Drives Repair Service$481.24cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA04A-DE-HA21305 AC Drives Repair Service$483.17cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA04A-ES1305 AC Drives Repair Service$583.91cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA04A-ES-HA21305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-BA04A-ES-HAP1305 AC Drives Repair Service$583.66cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA04A-FR1305 AC Drives Repair Service$582.12cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA04A-FR-HA21305 AC Drives Repair Service$577.26cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA04A-HA11305 AC Drives Repair Service$865.88cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA04A-HA21305 AC Drives Repair Service$484.38cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA04A-HAP1305 AC Drives Repair Service$580.68cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA04FC-HJ21305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-BA06A1305 AC Drives Repair Service$769.60cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA06A-DE1305 AC Drives Repair Service$777.61cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA06A-ES1305 AC Drives Repair Service$776.07cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA06A-ES-HA21305 AC Drives Repair Service$774.42cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA06A-HA11305 AC Drives Repair Service$768.21cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA06A-HA21305 AC Drives Repair Service$774.53cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA06A-HAP1305 AC Drives Repair Service$778.83cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA09A1305 AC Drives Repair Service$779.90cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA09A-DE1305 AC Drives Repair Service$778.30cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA09A-EN111305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-BA09A-ES1305 AC Drives Repair Service$775.86cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA09A-HA11305 AC Drives Repair Service$767.52cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA09A-HA21305 AC Drives Repair Service$767.92cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA09A-HAP1305 AC Drives Repair Service$768.50cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA09A-IT1305 AC Drives Repair Service$774.92cartAdd To Cart
1305-BA09FC-HJ21305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-DO-Supply1305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-HA02FC-HJ2C1305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-KBA061305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-RFB-12-C1305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1305-RFB-8-B1305 AC Drives Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
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