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We offer extensive repairs for your Kinetix 6200. We keep many spare parts in stock so that we can repair your Kinetix 6200 as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our standard repair lead time is 2-4 weeks. However, we can often repair your unit much faster if necessary. We can repair most issues with your Kinetix 6200 and if for some reason we cannot repair your unit we will do our best to offer a refurbished unit at the repair cost, so that you can get a working unit back as soon as possible!

Repair Details

Common VFD/Servo Drives Issues/Failures:

  • Control Failures
    • Dead displays
    • Local/remote port failures
    • Main control board failures
    • I/O Failures
  • Power Failures
    • Power control board failures
    • SCR/IGBT failures
    • Faulty fans
    • Heatsink sensor faults
    • DC bus failures
    • Precharge failures
    • Undervoltage
    • Overvoltage
  • Enclosures/Covers
    • Broken Plastic Covers
    • Missing Covers
    • Missing Terminals
    • Broken mounting attachments/corners


The Kinetix 6200 series is a modular multi-axis servo drive series that is designed to provide Kinetix integrated motion solutions for different drive and motor applications. The Kinetix drives are composed of integrated axis modules, control modules, shunt modules, power rails, slot filler modules, Logix 5000 controllers, rotary servo motors, linear motors, and linear actuators. Also, there are AC line filters, line interface modules, external shunt modules, and resistive brake modules. The Kinetix 6200 drives can be used with 3-phase AC configurations with or without using the line interface modules and the DC common bus configuration. The Kinetix series drives use SERCOS cables for configuring the Logix 5000 modules and the Ethernet/IP network for diagnosis and configuring the safety functions. The drives can work with a continuous power output of 1.2 to 22 kilowatts. The modular design of the drives simplify the maintenance process and reduce the necessary size of the spare parts inventory.


The Kinetix 6200 series drives come with a ton of features including safe stop, zero speed monitoring, safe maximum speed, safe direction monitoring, door monitoring and control, and the ability to enable switch control and monitor safe maximum acceleration. The Kinetix 6200 drives are available with both integrated axis modules and the axis modules. They are also available with different inputs, outputs, wattage ratings, and maximum bus capacitances. The 6200 series drives use high-resolution absolute multi-turn and single turn incremental encoders. The drives in this series are compatible with the MPL, MPM, MPF, MPS, and the RDD-series direct drives. The 6200 series drives have a nominal bus output voltage of 650 Volts DC and a line loss ride-through of 20 milliseconds. The 6200 series drives have a 97% efficiency rating. The Kinetix 6200 series drives can be selected based on power specifications, mounting dimensions, and catalog numbers.

Part Number Description Price Action
2094-BC01-M01-MKinetix 6200 Repair Service$977.96cartAdd To Cart
2094-BC01-MP5-MKinetix 6200 Repair Service$768.14cartAdd To Cart
2094-BC02-M02-MKinetix 6200 Repair Service$1342.25cartAdd To Cart
2094-BC04-M03-MKinetix 6200 Repair Service$1512.86cartAdd To Cart
2094-BC07-M05-MKinetix 6200 Repair Service$2512.44cartAdd To Cart
2094-BM01-MKinetix 6200 Repair Service$388.21cartAdd To Cart
2094-BM02-MKinetix 6200 Repair Service$577.56cartAdd To Cart
2094-BM03-MKinetix 6200 Repair Service$978.32cartAdd To Cart
2094-BM05-MKinetix 6200 Repair Service$1189.31cartAdd To Cart
2094-BMP5-MKinetix 6200 Repair Service$193.18cartAdd To Cart
2094-EN02D-M01-S1Kinetix 6200 Repair Service$622.38cartAdd To Cart
2094-SE02F-M00-S0Kinetix 6200 Repair Service$392.88cartAdd To Cart
2094-SE02F-M00-S1Kinetix 6200 Repair Service$650.39cartAdd To Cart
2094-XL75S-C1Kinetix 6200 Repair Service$1750.92cartAdd To Cart
2094-XL75S-C2Kinetix 6200 Repair Service$1351.06cartAdd To Cart
Part Number Description Price Action
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