Allen Bradley PLC Stratix 5700 Repair

Stratix 5700 Repair

Allen Bradley PLC Stratix 5700
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We offer extensive repairs for your Stratix 5700. We keep many spare parts in stock so that we can repair your Stratix 5700 as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our standard repair lead time is 2-4 weeks. However, we can often repair your unit much faster if necessary. We can repair most issues with your Stratix 5700 and if for some reason we cannot repair your unit we will do our best to offer a refurbished unit at the repair cost, so that you can get a working unit back as soon as possible!

We can repair hardware issues and error codes with your Stratix 5700 such as:

  • Processors
    • Bad communication ports
    • Broken selector/key switches
    • Dead batteries/Bad Battery connections
    • Solid or Blinking RED OK Status Light
    • Solid or Blinking RED RUN Status Light
    • Solid or Blinking RED Fault Status Light
  • I/O Modules 
    • Bad analog inputs or ouptus
    • Bad digital input or outputs
    • Bad relays (stuck on/off)
    • Incorrect voltages on inputs or outputs
    • Incorrect current on inputs or outputs
  • Communication Modules​​​​​​​
    • DF1, DH-485, DH+, Profibus, Remote I/ (RIO) failures and more!
    • Intermittent communication 
    • Solid RED/Blinkging RED communication lights
    • Devicenet, Ethernet, ControlNet, RS232 ports. 
  • Thermocouple Modules/RTD Modules
    • Missing CJC Jumpers
    • Incorrect readings
  • High Speed Counters
    • ​​​​​​​Failed inputs
  • Power Supplies​​​​​​​
    • Dead power supplies
    • Incorrect voltage
  • Chassis/Racks
    • ​​​​​​​Broken Plastic
    • Poor Connections
    • Bad Slots


The Stratix 5700 industrial managed Ethernet switch series is manufactured by Allen-Bradley to meet all the needs of Ethernet/IP applications because it is designed with technologically advanced features. These small layer 2 managed switches have a number of ports that are scalable from 6 to 20 ports. They implement the embedded Cisco technology with the possibility for integrating into the Studio 5000 Automation Engineering and Design Environment software. Among the features and options for the Stratix 5700 switches that bring benefits are the DLR (Device Level Ring) connectivity, PoE power, NAT, several different security options, and an SD card. DLR connectivity enables the simplification of the network configuration for data exchange, as well as uniformity in the process used for detecting and locating problems in the system. Network Address Translation (NAT) technology plays a role in 1:1 IP address mapping, which greatly improves efficiency in the system installation and initial setup process.


If the users select the model of the Stratix 5700 switch that has the Power Over Ethernet option, they will be able to significantly reduce the number of cables required for the system to function, since the power to the devices is then established over the same cables that are used for data exchange. With access control lists, the Stratix 5700 switches have everything they need to ensure that only the devices and users defined in the list have access to the system. This raises network traffic security to a much higher level. If SD cards are installed in the devices, all the settings and configuration files will be stored on it, so that in the event of a failure on the devices, the users can initialize the replacement devices in just a few seconds by loading data from the SD cards into them.

Part Number Description Price Action
1783-BMS06SAStratix 5700 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1783-BMS06SGAStratix 5700 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1783-BMS06SGLStratix 5700 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1783-BMS06SLStratix 5700 Repair Service$598cartAdd To Cart
1783-BMS06TAStratix 5700 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1783-BMS06TGAStratix 5700 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1783-BMS06TLStratix 5700 Repair Service$999cartAdd To Cart
1783-BMS10CAStratix 5700 Repair Service$1319cartAdd To Cart
1783-BMS10CGAStratix 5700 Repair Service$2273cartAdd To Cart
1783-BMS10CGLStratix 5700 Repair Service$2067cartAdd To Cart
1783-BMS10CGNStratix 5700 Repair Service$1962cartAdd To Cart
1783-BMS10CGPStratix 5700 Repair Service$2660cartAdd To Cart
1783-BMS10CLStratix 5700 Repair Service$1324cartAdd To Cart
1783-BMS12T4E2CGNKStratix 5700 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1783-BMS12T4E2CGPStratix 5700 Repair Service$3019cartAdd To Cart
1783-BMS20CAStratix 5700 Repair Service$2112cartAdd To Cart
1783-BMS20CGNStratix 5700 Repair Service$2984cartAdd To Cart
1783-BMS20CGPStratix 5700 Repair Service$1804cartAdd To Cart
1783-BMS20CLStratix 5700 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1783-BMS4S2SGLStratix 5700 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1783-EMS04TStratix 5700 Repair Service$320cartAdd To Cart
1783-EMS08TStratix 5700 Repair Service$288cartAdd To Cart
1783-ETAP2FStratix 5700 Repair Service$724cartAdd To Cart
1783-ZMS16TAStratix 5700 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1783-ZMS24TAStratix 5700 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1783-ZMS4T4E2TGNStratix 5700 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1783-ZMS4T4E2TGPStratix 5700 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1783-ZMS8T8E2TGNStratix 5700 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1783-ZMS8T8E2TGPStratix 5700 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1783-ZMS8TAStratix 5700 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
Part Number Description Price Action
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