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Allen Bradley Panelview Panelview 550
One Year DO Supply WarrantyOne Year DO Supply Warranty 
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We offer extensive repairs for your Panelview 550. We keep many spare parts in stock so that we can repair your Panelview 550 as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our standard repair lead time is 3-5 days. However, we can often repair your unit much faster if necessary. We can repair most issues with your Panelview 550 and if for some reason we cannot repair your unit we will do our best to offer a refurbished unit at the repair cost, so that you can get a working unit back as soon as possible!

Repair Details

We can repair hardware issues and errors codes with your Panelview 550 such as:

  • Defective Touchscreens and Keypads
    • Stuck key/keypad (Fatal 3A or Error 31)
    • Cracked touchscreens
    • Dead Spots
    • Calibration issues
  • Displays
    • Blank Displays
    • Dead pixels
    • Burn in
    • Lines through the screen
    • Failing CRT
    • Dim/faded screens
  • Broken housing and bezel
    • Cracked Plastic
    • Broken Mounting Posts/Clips
    • Internal Broken Components
  • Error Codes
    • Self-test errors
    • Real Time Clock Errors
    • Failing Batteries
    • Communication Failures (RS-232, DH+, DH-485, Ethernet, Devicenet, ControlNet and more).
  • Dead/Dying Backlights
    • Halogen Lamps
    • Led Backlights
  • Power Supply Failures
    • Dead units
  • Mother Board Failures
    • Solid LED Status lights
    • Blinking LED Status Lights

The Panelview 550 terminal series is a series of high-performance operator terminal manufactured by Allen-Bradley. These high-performance operator terminals are designed to meet the users’ needs, with a space-saving construction and a flat panel design. The Panelview 550 series terminals come with the monochrome screens, with the keypad/touchscreen input option combination. The screen size is 5.5 inches diagonal and it is an LCD monochrome display with a pixel resolution of 256 x 128. The Panelview 550 touch-only operator interface terminals feature a 30% smaller size. The Panelview 550 terminals come with 10 functional keys and numeric keypads. The terminals feature cursor control keys and 3.4 inches of installed depth. The Panelview 550 terminals feature a voltage supply of 85 to 264 Volts AC and 47 to 63 Hertz. The power consumption is 45 VA maximum.

The Panelview 550 terminals should be installed in well-protected environments to ensure optimal performance. When installing the Panelview 550 terminals, use a panel or enclosure to protect the internal circuitry. The standard operator interfaces feature indoor use ratings only and they should be properly mounted in panels or enclosures with equivalent ratings. During installation, ensure that there is enough space within the enclosure to ensure that there is adequate ventilation and to prevent overheating. The heat that is produced by other devices can result in overheating, affecting the functionality of these terminals. The ambient operating temperature range around the Panelview 550 terminals should be 0 to 55 degrees Celsius. Ensure that there is a provision for accessing the back panel of the terminals to support wiring, device maintenance, and the installation of a memory card as well as easy troubleshooting.


Common Errors Codes that we repair for the Panelview 550 (2711-K5, 2711-B5, and 2711-T5):

  • Error 1 STATIC RAM test
  • Error 2 Terminal searching for a file to download.
  • Error 10 Erase boot flash area.
  • Error 11 Copy boot code
  • Error 12 Boot code copy successful
  • Error 13 Boot code copy failed. Check for error after boot code is copied to the onboard flash EPROM.
  • Error 20 Erase firmware from flash EPROM
  • Error 21 Copy firmware to firmware flash memory
  • Error 22 Firmware copy successful
  • Error 23 Firmware copy failed
  • Error 24 Performed CRC base firmware check
  • Error 25 Firmware not compatible with boot code
  • Error 26 Firmware not compatible with hardware
  • Error 30 Watchdog test
  • Error 31 Stuck key test
  • Error 32 Real time clock test
  • Error 33 LCD RAM failed
  • Error 34 Performed CRC extended firmware check
  • Error 40 No executable code to run after boot
  • Error 50 Wrong memory card format
  • Error 60 CPU could not execute code


Part Number Description Price Action
2711-B5A1Panelview 550 Repair Service$780.97cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A10Panelview 550 Repair Service$673.51cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A10L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$1283.03cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A12Panelview 550 Repair Service$914.31cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A12L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$974.03cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A14L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$972.59cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A15Panelview 550 Repair Service$970.20cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A15L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$978.42cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A16Panelview 550 Repair Service$962.70cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A16L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$967.34cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A1L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$977.01cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A1L2Panelview 550 Repair Service$975.73cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A2Panelview 550 Repair Service$1170.01cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A20Panelview 550 Repair Service$967.55cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A20L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$960.41cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A2L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$963.30cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A3Panelview 550 Repair Service$968.23cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A3L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$1251.36cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A5Panelview 550 Repair Service$820.79cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A5L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$966.72cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A8Panelview 550 Repair Service$1254.07cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A8L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$1459.90cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A9Panelview 550 Repair Service$1956.71cartAdd To Cart
2711-B5A9L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$977.09cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A1Panelview 550 Repair Service$874.72cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A10Panelview 550 Repair Service$960.85cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A101L1Panelview 550 Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711-K5A10L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$1267.82cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A12L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$1266.72cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A14L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$1272.66cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A15Panelview 550 Repair Service$1256.64cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A15L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$1266.58cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A16Panelview 550 Repair Service$1252.90cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A16L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$1264.50cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A1L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$1271.33cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A1L2Panelview 550 Repair Service$1272.21cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A2Panelview 550 Repair Service$867.58cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A20Panelview 550 Repair Service$968.16cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A20L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$867.60cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A2L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$973.00cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A3Panelview 550 Repair Service$1260.81cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A3L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$961.62cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A5Panelview 550 Repair Service$878.63cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A5L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$979.12cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A5L11Panelview 550 Repair Service$867.27cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A5L2Panelview 550 Repair Service$976.10cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A8Panelview 550 Repair Service$969.32cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A8L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$977.17cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A9Panelview 550 Repair Service$979.29cartAdd To Cart
2711-K5A9L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$977.12cartAdd To Cart
2711-T5A10L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$769.09cartAdd To Cart
2711-T5A15L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$1472.74cartAdd To Cart
2711-T5A16L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$767.42cartAdd To Cart
2711-T5A1L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$980.05cartAdd To Cart
2711-T5A20L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$961.74cartAdd To Cart
2711-T5A2L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$965.12cartAdd To Cart
2711-T5A3L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$977.65cartAdd To Cart
2711-T5A5L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$969.99cartAdd To Cart
2711-T5A8L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$775.63cartAdd To Cart
2711-T5A9L1Panelview 550 Repair Service$772.29cartAdd To Cart
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