1203 Communication Modules

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The Allen-Bradley 1203-CN1 ControlNet communications module is made to act as an interface between the ControlNet ...

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The Allen-Bradley 1203-GD1 Remote I/O communications module enables the users to connect SCANport products to Remote I/...

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The Allen-Bradley 1203-GD2 Serial Communications Module has an input voltage of 85-264 volts AC (1-Phase), and an input...

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The 1203-GK1 Remote I/O communications module is made by Allen-Bradley to communicate with Allen-Bradley drives th...

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The Allen-Bradley 1203-GK2 serial communications module is a Series B SCANport communications module that can oper...

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The Allen-Bradley 1203-GK5 Module has an input voltage of 12-25 volts DC and an input current of 110 milliamps. The SCA...

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The 1203-GU6 communications module from Allen-Bradley can communicate with different Allen-Bradley drives through a SCA...

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The Allen-Bradley 1203-SFC serial cable has a length of 2 meters. With a locking low profile connector, the 1203-SFC se...

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The Allen-Bradley 1203-SG2 SCANport expander has a length of 3 meters and an IP 30 enclosure type (NEMA Type 1). The 12...

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The 1203-USB converter by Allen-Bradley has an electrical consumption rating of 130 milliamps at 12 Volts DC for t...

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The Allen-Bradley 1336-R1-SP4A PC board or snubber resistor is a snubber resistor spare part kit for AC drives, pow...

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1203 Communication Modules Description Stock Level