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Allen Bradley VersaView Monitor 6186M
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We offer extensive repairs for your Monitor 6186M. We keep many spare parts in stock so that we can repair your Monitor 6186M as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our standard repair lead time is 2-4 weeks. However, we can often repair your unit much faster if necessary. We can repair most issues with your Monitor 6186M and if for some reason we cannot repair your unit we will do our best to offer a refurbished unit at the repair cost, so that you can get a working unit back as soon as possible!

Repair Details

The Allen-Bradley high-performance industrial monitors in the 6186M series are made for special applications, mostly in the food and beverage industries. The monitors from this series have great protection features and their enclosure ratings range from NEMA type 1 to type 12. These Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation monitors are available with bezels made from aluminum or stainless steel. The 6186M series offers 4 different monitor models. The maximum dimensions (H x W x D) of a 6186M monitor are 399 x 483 x 64 millimeters (15.71 x 19.02 x 2.52 inches). The weight of these monitors is 4.4 kilograms (9.75 pounds) for basic models and up to 11.9 kilograms (16.5 pounds) for the largest models with stainless steel bezels.

The 6186M monitors come with color active-matrix TFT LCDs and a diagonal length of 12 to 19 inches (307 to 483 millimeters). The first 2 digits in the product code of a model provide information about the model’s display size in inches (1200M, 1500M, 1700M, or 1900M). The display area of these monitors features widths of 246 to 377 millimeters (9.7 to 14.8 inches) and heights of 185 to 302 millimeters (7.3 to 11.9 inches). The native mode resolution can be 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, or 1280 x 1024 pixels, depending on the model. These monitors consume power at rates between 34 and 57 Watts and they have a response time as low as 8 milliseconds. The typical contrast ratio of the 6186M monitor is from 400:1 to 1300:1 and its luminance is from 300 to 450 candela per square meter. The 6186M monitors are equipped with three 2.0 USB ports and video ports like VGA and DVI ports. The monitors support analog and digital video signals. The 6186M monitor series features rear OSD controls such as adjustment levels for the brightness, contrast, position, and color balance. The 6186M monitors are built for 100 to 240 Volts AC input voltage and they require power adapters. The monitors can be delivered with either panel mounting or bench/tabletop mounting bases.

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6186-M12ALMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1841.87cartAdd To Cart
6186-M12ALTRMonitor 6186M Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6186-M15ALMonitor 6186M Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6186-M15ALTCMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1838.32cartAdd To Cart
6186-M15ALTRMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1263.63cartAdd To Cart
6186-M15SSMonitor 6186M Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6186-M15SSTRMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1850.69cartAdd To Cart
6186-M17ALMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1868.93cartAdd To Cart
6186-M17ALTCMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1466.12cartAdd To Cart
6186-M17ALTRMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1321.79cartAdd To Cart
6186-M17SSMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1250.92cartAdd To Cart
6186-M17SSTRMonitor 6186M Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6186-M20ALMonitor 6186M Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6186-M20ALTRMonitor 6186M Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6186-M20RKMonitor 6186M Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6186-M20RKTRMonitor 6186M Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
6186-M20SSMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1842.67cartAdd To Cart
6186-M20SSTRMonitor 6186M Repair Service$2104.28cartAdd To Cart
6186M-12PNMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1022.70cartAdd To Cart
6186M-12PTMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1056.51cartAdd To Cart
6186M-15PNMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1438.51cartAdd To Cart
6186M-15PNSSMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1364.20cartAdd To Cart
6186M-15PTMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1602.42cartAdd To Cart
6186M-15PTSSMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1501.22cartAdd To Cart
6186M-17PNMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1394.69cartAdd To Cart
6186M-17PNSSMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1517.52cartAdd To Cart
6186M-17PTMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1579.49cartAdd To Cart
6186M-17PTSSMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1838.78cartAdd To Cart
6186M-19PNMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1697.40cartAdd To Cart
6186M-19PNSSMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1871.30cartAdd To Cart
6186M-19PTMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1844.63cartAdd To Cart
6186M-19PTSSMonitor 6186M Repair Service$1435.17cartAdd To Cart
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