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Allen Bradley Panelview Panelview 2711E
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We offer extensive repairs for your Panelview 2711E. We keep many spare parts in stock so that we can repair your Panelview 2711E as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our standard repair lead time is 3-5 days. However, we can often repair your unit much faster if necessary. We can repair most issues with your Panelview 2711E and if for some reason we cannot repair your unit we will do our best to offer a refurbished unit at the repair cost, so that you can get a working unit back as soon as possible!

Repair Details

We can repair hardware issues and errors codes with your Panelview 2711E such as:

  • Defective Touchscreens and Keypads
    • Stuck key/keypad (Fatal 3A or Error 31)
    • Cracked touchscreens
    • Dead Spots
    • Calibration issues
  • Displays
    • Blank Displays
    • Dead pixels
    • Burn in
    • Lines through the screen
    • Failing CRT
    • Dim/faded screens
  • Broken housing and bezel
    • Cracked Plastic
    • Broken Mounting Posts/Clips
    • Internal Broken Components
  • Error Codes
    • Self-test errors
    • Real Time Clock Errors
    • Failing Batteries
    • Communication Failures (RS-232, DH+, DH-485, Ethernet, Devicenet, ControlNet and more).
  • Dead/Dying Backlights
    • Halogen Lamps
    • Led Backlights
  • Power Supply Failures
    • Dead units
  • Mother Board Failures
    • Solid LED Status lights
    • Blinking LED Status Lights

The PanelView 2711E terminals are enhanced terminal displays manufactured by Allen-Bradley. This series includes the 1000, 1200, and 1400 terminals. All of these terminals are used as human-machine interface modules for the operators. The terminals can be accessed by using the FactoryTalk View studio software. The terminals in this series are easy to install and use. Multiple languages are supported and these terminals can be used in different regions. Both keypad and touchscreen terminals are available in this series. The keypad contains functional keys, numerical keys, navigational keys, and other control keys. These keys can also be user-defined. The PanelView 2711E is manufactured in a compact form. Networking and connectivity for terminals in this series involve Remote I/O, Data Highway plus, or ControlNet links. Other applicable host controllers include the Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers, interface cards, and the DEC Q-Bus interfaces.

The PanelView 2711E series is a human-machine interface module series. These terminals can be used to enter information into a connected device, and to configure, program, and troubleshoot the connected device when necessary. These terminals can only be operated inside the rated temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius. The installation environment should be relatively humid with 5 to 95%, non-condensing humidity. The terminals meet different agency certifications and they meet all the requirements for the EMC capability. These terminals come with either 256 KB of onboard flash memory or 2.25 MB of general memory. These terminals operate with an input voltage between 180 and 264 Volts AC. The PanelView 2711E terminals are available in different screen sizes of 14 inches, 12 inches, and 10.4 inches with both monochrome and color displays. The battery lifespan of these terminals is 10 years. A cooling fan is used to maintain the temperature for these terminals.

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1400ELCK15Panelview 2711E Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1400ELKC15Panelview 2711E Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1400ELKC6Panelview 2711E Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1400ELTC15Panelview 2711E Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
1400ELTC6Panelview 2711E Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711E-K10C15Panelview 2711E Repair Service$1382.29cartAdd To Cart
2711E-K10C6Panelview 2711E Repair Service$1274.23cartAdd To Cart
2711E-K10C7Panelview 2711E Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711E-K12C6Panelview 2711E Repair Service$1838.31cartAdd To Cart
2711E-K12C6L2Panelview 2711E Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711E-K14C15Panelview 2711E Repair Service$1948.49cartAdd To Cart
2711E-K14C6Panelview 2711E Repair Service$871.06cartAdd To Cart
2711E-K14C7Panelview 2711E Repair ServiceAskRequest A Quote
2711E-T10C15Panelview 2711E Repair Service$1847.83cartAdd To Cart
2711E-T10C6Panelview 2711E Repair Service$1257.84cartAdd To Cart
2711E-T10C7Panelview 2711E Repair Service$3805.00cartAdd To Cart
2711E-T12C4Panelview 2711E Repair Service$2820.14cartAdd To Cart
2711E-T12C6Panelview 2711E Repair Service$284.17cartAdd To Cart
2711E-T14C15Panelview 2711E Repair Service$1795.09cartAdd To Cart
2711E-T14C6Panelview 2711E Repair Service$1455.79cartAdd To Cart
2711E-T14C7Panelview 2711E Repair Service$2400.80cartAdd To Cart
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