Hardware Comparison: Kinetix 6000 vs. 6200

The Kinetix family of Motion drives is broken up into several series, each with different focuses. The Kinetix 6000 and its descendant 6200 series are both multi-axis systems utilizing the SERCOS interface for control. Generational improvements in the 6200 series include advanced safety options and a more modular design. Beyond these generational improvements the 6000 and 6200 series are very similar, as the 6200 is designed as a straightforward replacement for 6000 series drives.

The Kinetix 6000 series motion drive is a modular, multi-axis, compact servo drive system that reduces required wiring and programming. It’s rated for 1.2 through 22 kW power output, and two nominal voltages – 240VAC and 480VAC in 3 phase configurations. Built-in hardwired Safe Torque Off is available, giving a PLd, SIL3 certification. The feature that separates the 6000 series from its predecessors is the SERCOS communications protocol, a system utilizing fiber optic hardware and high-performance communications to provide high speed control between motion controllers and drives. The SERCOS interface allows for the 6000 series to perform well in highly coordinated motion applications involving multiple axes.

The Kinetix 6200 series is the descendent of the 6000 series and allows for a transition from legacy control systems to modern control systems. The 6200 has a similar form factor, is compatible with the 6000 series drives, and utilizes the same SERCOS communications environment. Boasting a power output of 1.8 through 22kW at 480VAC nominal, the 6200 series has similar functional characteristics to the 6000 (the 6200 series did not continue the 240VAC voltage range.) The generational improvements come in two areas, functional safety and upgradeability. Where the 6000 series only allowed for Safe Torque Off, the 6200 series combines this with the Safe Speed Limiting function, giving similar PLd, SIL3 functional safety ratings for more applications.

Increased modularity allows for the 6200 series to not only pair up with the 6000 series drives, it allows for upgrade to an Ethernet/IP based control structure by swapping the 6200 series control module with a 6500 series control module. This flexibility allows end users to perform a controlled, phased upgrade of their servo drive systems to current technology while minimizing risk from drastic changes. Kinetix 6200 features a two-component drive, with a power module and control module. This allows for easier upgrading to the 6500 series servo drive which utilizes modern Ethernet/IP control with a swap consisting of replacing control modules and reprogramming for Ethernet/IP versus SERCOS. One caveat to this is there are compatibility requirements when upgrading a 6200 to the 6500 series when it is combined with 6000 series drives. Ensure that you are using compatible IAM modules for the system (see Rockwell Automation KNX-SG001G-EN-P, page 160 for compatibility.) The major factor in compatibility is the communications protocol, as the SERCOS units will not communicate with Ethernet/IP units and vice versa.

The 6200 series also see improvements in functional safety over the 6000 series. Both drives provide Safe Torque Off functionality, which allows for operators and maintenance personnel to safely perform common tasks on the driven components without completely deenergizing the drive system (for applications, please consult a certified Functional Safety Engineer.) This functionality is certified to a PLe, Cat 3, SIL3 for the 6000 and upgraded to Cat 4 for the 6200 (the improvement is based on improved diagnostics and feedback.) Additional to the Safe Torque Off function, the 6200 series provides Safe Speed Limiting functionality. This allows for operators and maintenance personnel to perform routine tasks while the drive system is providing motion to the driven components at a speed deemed safe by the associated Machine Risk Assessment (again, consult a Functional Safety Engineer for discussion on utilizing functional safety in your facility.) Safe Speed Limiting can be extremely useful for processes that require cleaning of rolls or jogging and threading operations, reducing the down time associated with these tasks.

Overall, the 6200 series drive is a generational improvement from the 6000 series. It’s a transitional solution as users move away from SERCOS and begin to utilize Ethernet/IP as their control system networking protocol. There are minor improvements in functional safety and modularity, but the main feature of the two drives is their compatibility with each other that allows for ease of replacement. These drives should be researched by anyone with legacy motion components who is looking for an upgrade path to modern standards.

Specification Kinetix 6200 Kinetix 6000
Main Characteristics Multi-axis Common Bus Modular Design Integrated Motion via SERCOS Safe Speed Monitoring Safe Torque Off TUV Rheinland PLe, Cat 4, SIL3 Multi-axis Common bus Enhanced Peak Performance Integrated Motion via SERCOS Safe Torque Off TUV Rheinland PLe, Cat 3, SIL3
Drive Configuration 1-8 axes on 2094 power rail 1-8 axes on 2094 power rail
Input Voltage 324-528VAC, 3 phase (400V class) 195-265VAC, 3 phase (200V class) 324-528VAC, 3 phase (400V class)
Power Output 1.8-22kW (400V class) 1.2-11kW (200V class) 1.8-22kW (400V class)
Current Output 2.8-34.6A(rms) (400V class) 3.7-34.6A (rms) (200V class) 2.8-34.6A(rms) (400V class)
Drive inputs Enable, Home, Overtravel Enable, Home, Overtravel
Drive outputs Motor Brake Relay Motor Brake Relay
Programming RSLogix5000 – v.17.00.00 or later RSLogix5000 – v.11.00.00 or later
Logix Module Compatibility 1756-M03SE, 1756-M08SE, 1756-M16SE, 1768-M04SE 1756-M03SE, 1756-M08SE, 1756-M16SE, 1768-M04SE
I/O Control Fiber Optic SERCOS Fiber Optic SERCOS
Feedback Absolute multi- and single- turn encoders Incremental encoders EnDat 2.1 and 2.2 encoders Absolute multi- and single- turn encoders Incremental encoders EnDat 2.1 and 2.2 encoders Resolvers
Rotary Motor Compatibility Kinetix MPL, MPM, MPF, MPS Kinetix MPL, MPM, MPF, MPS, TLY-Axxxx-H
Linear Motor Compatibility LDC-Series Iron Core LDC-Series Iron Core, LDL-Series Ironless
Linear Actuator Compatibility Kinetix MPAS, MPMA, MPAR, MPAI LDAT-Sxxxxxx-xBx Kinetix MPAS, MPMA, MPAR, MPAI LDAT-Sxxxxxx-xBx
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