Selection Guide: What Servo Motor is Right for Me?

What do I look for in a Servo Motor?

Servo motors come in a wide variety of models, differentiated by their requirements and capabilities. Here are a few things to look for and which one is right for you to choose will vary greatly, depending on your application.

  1. Motor type:
    The motor can be either DC or AC, and this is a basic classification based on the type of electrical current that powers the unit. The ability to control speed is the main consideration. If you are using robotics, inline manufacturing or industrial applications where high precision and performance are required, the AC motor is an advantage. For simpler units, DC may work just fine.
  2. Brushed or Brushless:
    Motors can either be brushed or brushless. Brushed motors are cheaper and simpler to operate, while brushless motors are more reliable, efficient and quieter. On brushless units, the brushes are replaced with an encoder and magnets. AC and DC units both have brushed or brushless options. A Universal servo motor can run AC or DC power and has brushes that are mechanically regulated.
  3. Synchronous or Asynchronous:
    This refers to the speed at which the rotor operates in relation to the stator’s rotating magnetic field. If they rotates at the same speed, the motor is synchronous. If the rotor turns slower, it is asynchronous. Refer to the individual motor type and your application to see what speed is optimal for your application.

Allen Bradley Motor Lines:

This is a quick overview of the motors we offers and some applications for each. Please visit the website for technical specs, accessories, types of software used and more applications. Each page also has a Product Configuration Assistant to enable creation of a customized solution. The Allen Bradley Line includes rotary and linear motors that connect seamlessly to servo drives as well.

Linear Motors

For high speed applications requiring precision linear positioning, these are strong options:

LDC-Series & LDL-Series Linear Servo Motors

The LDC-Series with an iron core design is used with smaller, less expensive motors. The LDL-Series is ironless and designed for applications that require extremely smooth motions. Both of these motors provide unmatched responsiveness, resulting in faster setting times.

Features of these motors include no-wear parts, easy connection to the payload that needs to be moved, quick movements while handling multiple motions, Motion Analyzer software, and high acceleration speeds for increased machine efficiency.

This motor is specifically designed for applications such as dispensing machines, solar panel scribing machines, material handling machines, packaging operations, semiconductor manufacturing machines, shape cutting machines, and many more.

Rotary Motors

With a wide range of rotary motors, there is one here that will be perfect for your operation.

Kinetix VP-Series Servo Motors

With continuous power and torque, these motors come in a variety of types. They all offer integrated motion control over Ethernet/IP networks and pair well with servo drives.

  1. For sterile operations, choose the Kinetix VPH Hygienic Servo Motors
  2. For energy efficiency and uninterrupted use, choose the Kinetix VPC Continuous-duty Servo Motors with or without a fan
  3. For lower speed applications, choose the Kinetix VPL Low-Inertia Servo Motors.
  4. For applications dealing with food, choose Kinetix VPF Food Grade Servo Motors.

Applications for the VP-Series Servo Motors include automated assembly and inspection lines, food and beverage preparation, packaging, pharmaceutical manufacturing and printing assembles.

Kinetix MP-Series Servo Motors

This series of motors comes in 4 main types, each with specific features and applications.

  1. Food Grade

MP-Series Food Grade Servo Motors are extremely efficient with a high torque and are designed specifically for applications where food and beverage preparation and packaging are involved. All aspects are safe for this application including the fasteners, shaft and grease.

Applications include food packaging, food handling, volumetric filling and sealing.

Low Inertia

MP-Series Low Inertia Servo Motors are smaller, high-output brushless motors. Designed for high performance motion systems, these are low-profile and field-reversible for minimal impact on machine design, while providing maximum function.Applications include packaging, converting, material handling, automotive, metal forming and electronic assembly.

Medium Intertia

MP-Series Medium Inertia Servo Motors offer a flexible connector that makes cable routing easy. For heavier loads and greater inertia, this unit offers maximum power and features.

Applications include web handling, automotive, print applications and many more diverse uses.

  1. Stainless Steel

MP-Series Stainless Steel Servo Motors are designed for wash-down environments. Tightly sealed, they can be power washed with caustic chemicals and still operate flawlessly. Applications include meat and poultry operations, raw food handling, closing machinery, life science and consumer products, among other.

Kinetix TL-Series Servo Motors

For cost savings and a small footprint without sacrificing performance and quality, the TL-Series offers two options.

  1. Kinetix TLP Multi-Purpose Servo Motors offer 8 frame sizes and various power options in addition to many other features.
  2. Kinetix TL and TLY Compact Servo Motors offer 4 frame sizes and tight position control

Applications of these motors include robotics, semiconductor manufacturing, production of medical and laboratory equipment, office machinery, and light packaging.

Kinetix RDD-Series Direct Drive Servo Motors

For lower speed requirements and direct connect to the load, the RDD-Series offers better control by eliminating mechanical components. Features include high torque, low speeds, bearingless-housed configurations, a simple design and the ability to integrate with current equipment in terms of programming, control and data collection. Applications might include the need for motors in tight spaces, axes, and replacement of mechanical gear reductions.

Kinetix HPK-Series High-power Asynchronous Motors

For optimal performance and precise positioning, asynchronous motors are optimized for this purpose. Highly durable and reliable, choose these for demanding applications. Other features include high acceleration rates, continuous torque and high-resolution feedback.Applications include high power packaging, material handling, metal forming, injection molding, and winding applications.

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