Tutorial: How to Set Up IP Address Parameters for the PowerFlex 525

The PowerFlex family of variable frequency drives gives system builders many options to fit both architecture and budget needs.  The PowerFlex 525 is part of Allen Bradley’s compact class of AC drives.  These drives are modular and are used for stand-alone control applications or for simple control systems.

Of the entrants in the 500 series of compact drives, the 525 offers embedded EtherNet/IP and a modular design that helps in tight spaces and easier installs.  The 525 also carries standard safety features and can be programmed via USB.  Because it is rated to run in temperatures as high as 158 degrees, the PowerFlex 525 can handle harsh environments.  The 525 also has the Safe Torque-Off feature for added safety.

Setting the IP Address Parameters for the 525

There are two ways to set the IP address in the 525.  The first is through using the keypad on the unit itself.  The second is using the USB connection and programming from a PC or laptop.

Setting the IP Address with the Keypad

Step 1: Access the Keypad – The start point for this procedure is the main speed display.  First, press the blue Enter key on the right side of the keypad.  After pressing the enter key, press the up arrow on the keypad.  After scrolling through several values, you will see an entry that starts with the letter “C” followed by a parameter number.

Step 2: Determining Where the IP Address is Set – Once you have found the “C”, press Enter.  Then using the up/down arrows, scroll through to find C128.  The C128 value tells you how the IP address is set.  It will either be set by “BootP” or by “Parameters”.  If the IP address is set by BootP, the value displayed will be a 2.  If it is parameters, it will show a 1.  Make sure the setting is a 1 for parameters.  If necessary, use the up/down arrows to set it to 1.  Once you have determined that the IP address is set by the drive parameters, press Enter.

Step 3:  Inputting the 1st IP Address Number – After pressing enter, and with the C128 value set at 1, press escape.   press Escape on the left side of the keypad.  Use the up down arrows to scroll to C129.  C129 will allow you to input the IP address.  Once you have located C129, press Enter.  You can now use the up/down arrows to scroll to the first number in your IP address.  When you have identified the correct number, press Enter.  Upon pressing Enter, the first number of the IP address has been entered.

Step 4:  Enter the Remaining Number Values for the IP Address – After you have entered the first number, the above procedure is repeated for the remaining three.  Press escape, scroll to C130 and enter the second number.  Then repeat adding the third number to C131 and the fourth to C132.  Remember to press enter after adding each numeric value and then escape, scroll to the next C number, enter and add.

  • C129 – 1st IP number
  • C130 – 2nd IP number
  • C131 – 3rd IP number
  • C132 – 4th IP number

Step 5:  Adding the Address for the Subnet Mask – If the drive is on a network, it will be necessary to add the subnet mask so the system can identify the host address from the network address.  If you need to add the subnet mask address, follow the steps in Step 4 above but use the following locations:

  • C133 – 1st subnet IP number
  • C134 – 2nd subnet IP number
  • C135 – 3rd subnet IP number
  • C136 – 4th subnet IP number

It is also possible to add the address for another network subnet if you have a gateway network connecting the two.  If so, the procedure would continue for the values C137, C138, C139, and C140.

Step 6: Power Down and Restart – Once the IP numbers have been added, power down the unit and restart for the 525 to accept the new address.

Step 7: Setting Drivers – Once the drive has powered up, open your laptop or computer and then open RSLinks.  When the window opens, click “Communication” and then select and click “Configure Drivers”.  A window for Configure Driver will open and you will then select EtherNet/IP Driver from Available Driver Types. Click on Add New and then click OK.  Here you will select your physical network and then click OK again.  Click Close and double click on the physical network listed.  Here, you will see the IP address that you entered.

Setting the IP Address with a Computer or Laptop

Step 1:  Open the Utility for the Rockwell Automation Software – Open the utility for the software and select BOOTP-DHCP Tool.  Click on BOOTP-DHCP Tool and This will open the BOOTP-DHCP Tol Window.  The window will show the current IP address of the device.

Step 2: Entering the IP address –  Once you have verified that the device listed is the device you wish to change, select the current IP address and right click to select Add Relation from the dropdown.  This will bring up a window showing the relation list.  Type the new IP address numerical values directly into the IP field.  Then select OK.  Once the address has been added, it should appear under the drive in RSLinks.

Step 3:  Turning Off BOOTP – BOOTP must be turned off or else the next time the power is cycled to the machine, the new IP address would be lost.  From the BOOTP-DHCP Tool window, click on the device in the bottom window.  Right click to enable the dropdown and select Disable BOOTP.  You will receive a message at the bottom of the window that states Command is Successful.  Cycle the power and the new address will remain.

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