Hardware Comparison: PowerFlex 70 vs. 700 vs. 700S

Allen Bradley has two classes of low voltage drives, their Compact Class and their Architecture Class.  The PowerFlex 7x families are part of the Architecture Class of drive, with the 70/700 series being the previous generation to the current 75x series drives.

First off, one note about these drives.  They are the previous generation of drives from Allen Bradley, and while many of the various models are still being supported by AB as Active Mature products, many of these drives are no longer being offered or supported.  If you’re looking to upgrade an existing drive and are looking at the 70/700 series, you should also look at the 753 and 755 series drives.  A drives expert can help you with the corresponding drive in both families, a conversation that is definitely worth having.

PowerFlex 70

The Powerflex 70 drive is the baseline model of the 7x families of Architecture Class drives.  With power ranges from 0.5 through 50HP, and voltage ranges of 200-600VAC, these drives can handle pretty much all but the largest applications.  With several different mounting options, these drives provide a compact package with numerous higher-level features such as Vector Control motor control, various communications protocol compatibility, closed loop motor control with an encoder, Safe Torque Off capabilities, and programming integration into the Studio/Logix 5000 platform.

PowerFlex 700

The Powerflex 700 family of drives is the next step up from the 70 family, with a larger power range (0.5 – 200HP) and larger voltage range (200 – 690 VAC.)  These drives did go up to 700HP, but the higher horsepower drives are no longer supported by Rockwell and are recommended to be migrated to a 750 family drive.  As with the 70 family, there are numerous higher-level features available, including sensorless vector control, closed loop control with an encoder, numerous communications options, and programming integration into the Studio/Logix 5000 platform.  Beyond the rating differences, the main difference between the 700 and the 70 is the performance of the control loops.  For applications that require true torque control, the 700 family far outperforms the 70, even though both are capable.  An additional benefit of the 700 family are the specialized versions, such as the 700S or 700L (liquid cooled) as well as Fan and Pump packaged drives.

PowerFlex 700S

The Powerflex 700S family of drives is a specialized version of the 700 family that provides for standalone operation as well as allowing for permanent magnet motor control.  In applications where a controller isn’t necessarily warranted, the Powerflex 700S with DriveLogix embedded controls allows for some lower level control to be performed by the drive.  This can allow a programmer to control auxiliaries for the driven motor such as valves or auxiliary motors without adding a controller to the area, such as opening an intake valve for a driven pump in a remote pump house.  Beyond that, the 700S is similar in performance to the 700 family drives.  As with the rest of the 700 family, as of July 2020 the 200HP and higher drives will no longer be supported by Allen Bradley, with migration to the 750 family recommended.

The Powerflex 70 and 700 families of drives are not the latest generation of drives offered by Allen Bradley, but they are still very capable drives.  As long as you have a good source of repair or replacement, using these drives will continue to benefit you into the future.  If you’re looking to upgrade or replace one of these drives and you’re not comfortable with the maturity of the product, talk to your local drives expert and find out what the current offering equivalent is.

Specification 70 700 700S
200-240VAC 380-480VAC 500-600VAC 690VAC 0.5-25HP 0.5-50HP 0.5-50HP 0.5-100HP 0.5-200HP 1-150HP 45-132KW 1-100HP 1-200HP 1-150HP 50-160KW
Motor Control V/Hz Control Sensorless Vector Control Vector Control with FORCE V/Hz Control Sensorless Vector Control Vector Control with FORCE V/Hz Control Vector Control with FORCE Permanent Magnet Motor Control
Enclosures IP20, NEMA 1 Flange Mount IP54, NEMA 12 IP66, NEMA 4X/12 IP20, NEMA 1 Flange Mount IP54, NEMA 12 IP00, NEMA Open IP20, NEMA 1 IP21, NEMA 1
Options Local HIM Remote HIM BACNet DeviceNet EtherNet/IP HVAC Comms LonWorks Modbus/TCP Profibus DP ControlNet RS485 DF1 Safe Torque Off 5V/12V Encoder 115VAC Interface Local HIM Remote HIM BACNet DeviceNet EtherNet/IP HVAC Comms LonWorks Modbus/TCP Profibus DP ControlNet RS485 DF1 Safe Torque Off 5V/12V Encoder 115VAC Interface Local HIM Remote HIM BACNet DeviceNet EtherNet/IP HVAC Comms LonWorks Modbus/TCP Profibus DP ControlNet RS485 DF1 Safe Torque Off 5V/12V Encoder 115VAC Interface

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