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We can repair the following devices

Allen Bradley Panelview Allen Bradley PLCs Allen Bradley Drives Eaton Cutler-Hammer Drives & Displays
Panelview 300 I/O 1791 1305 AC Drives Panelmate 92
Panelview Plus 400 Point I/O 1734 Servo Drive 1398 Panelmate ePro
Panelview 550 PLC 3 AC Servo 1391 HVX 9000 Drives
Panelview 600 Micrologix 1761 Powerflex 4 SVX 9000 Drives
Panelview Plus 600 Micrologix 1762 Powerflex 4M
Panelview 900 Micrologix 1763 Powerflex 40
Panelview 1000 Micrologix 1764 Powerflex 40P
Panelview 1400 Flex I/O 1794 Powerflex 400
Panelview Plus CompactLogix Powerflex 70
Panelview Component Pyramid Integrator Kinetix 6000
Panelview 2711E 1336 Adjustable
Ultra 3000 ‐ 5000
This is not an all inclusive list, for more information on what we can repair please contact us.

More information about our Allen Bradley Panelview Repairs

We can repair your defective Panelviews that show the following error codes:

2 Terminal searching for a file to download
10 Erase boot flash area
11 Copy boot code
12 Boot code copy successful
13 Boot code copy failed. Check for error after boot code is copied to the onboard flash EPROM
20 Erase firmware from flash EPROM
21 Copy firmware to firmware flash memory
22 Firmware copy successful
23 Firmware copy failed
24 Performed CRC base firmware check
25 Firmware not compatible with boot code
26 Firmware not compatible with hardware
30 Watchdog test
31 Stuck key test
32 Real time clock test
33 LCD RAM failed
34 Performed CRC extended firmware check
40 No executable code to run after boot
50 Wrong memory card format
60 CPU could not execute code

We can also repair Panelview hardware issues such as:

Broken touchscreens or keypads
Displays (blank, lines, or dead pixels)
Broken housing and bezel